How to change Gmail password

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Two ways to change Gmail password

Gmail is one of the most popular email platforms in the world with millions of users using its communication tools day after day; But it is also one of the objectives of hackers, people who try to impersonate identity by stealing email accounts from third parties. Therefore, it is advisable to change our access password from time to time, in order to increase our security and prevent anyone from accessing our personal account without our permission. Next, how to change Gmail password.

How to change Gmail password

The first thing that we should be clear about is that Gmail is linked to our Google account, so if we change the password to access our email we will also change the one in our general Google account. On the other hand, we will detail how to change the Gmail password both through the official website of the service and the official application for iOS and Android mobiles.

How to change the password on the webchange Gmail password

To change the Gmail password through the web, the first thing we must do is access its official website; Once inside, we must click on the Configuration button, represented by a cogwheel and located in the upper right corner of the screen.

Once we have pressed this icon, a pop-up menu will open; In this case, you must click on the Configuration option, located in third place.

Already in Settings, we must click on the Accounts and Import tab, located in the top row of the screen; from this tab we must click on the Change password option in the Change account settings section.

When pressing this option, a standard Google password change window will appear, where we must first enter our current password twice to identify ourselves.

Once we have identified, we can write the new password, again, twice and click on the blue button Change the password.

How to change the password in the appchange Gmail password

In addition to being able to change the password on the Gmail website, we can also do the same from the official iOS and Android mobile application.

To do this, we must first access the app and open the side menu by sliding your finger on the screen from the left to the center or by pressing the icon of the three horizontal stripes located in the upper left corner of the screen.

Once inside, click on the Settings entry, located almost at the end of the entire list; already in Settings, click on the name of your Gmail account to access the password change.

Already on the Google Account page, first, click on the Personal Information entry and then on the Password option, located below.

Once on the password change page, we must identify ourselves by typing our current Google password; When we have identified, we can write the new password twice and click on the blue Change Password button.


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