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6 best plants for bathroom

They are objectively pretty, they are full of properties, they are perfect to decorate any sad or boring corner. Anyway, there are plenty of reasons to buy two or three plants and give joy to our house! Now, today we are going to focus on a part of the home that we do not usually pay much attention to and that, with very little effort and effort, will become a place full of charm: the bathroom. You just share the best plants for bathroom.’! If you have natural light in this room, you already have a good part of the path. Strive for hygiene, change the towels for new and shiny ones and get that charming piece of furniture that you have thought about placing for so many years and with which you have never cheered up. Now there’s only the icing on the cake! Keep reading…

The best plants for bathroom

Much more than the fashion plant: the eucalyptus

Although your thing is to plant it in the garden, you can place some branches of this plant forming a nice bouquet and leaving it in a piece of furniture or corner of your bathroom

. The idea is aesthetic but has other positive effects, since it is proven that the eucalyptus leaf helps to have a healthy environment, as well as being an antiseptic in itself and preventing skin infections. It is also an excellent decongestant in flu processes and problems associated with the bronchi. There is nothing, right ?.

The exotic of bamboo

It is one of those ideal plants to take care of inside our home, especially in humid places such as the bathroom. According to the oriental philosophy of Feng Shui, this plant has a favorite place in our homes: in front of the mirror. What is the reason? Bamboo will attract good luck and help positive energy flow every time someone projects their image in front of it. Do not you think this is a good reason to acquire this beautiful plant?

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A classic, the fernplants for bathroom

It may be a bit difficult for you to visualize it on your window ledge, but we promise that you will love the result! And if in the bathroom you do not have natural light, nothing happens, this plant very well resists any environment, with more or less light. In addition, it is an ideal plant for temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees and does not require specific care in irrigation. Come on, a more than safe bet for this corner of your home. It is one of the best plants for the bathroom.

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Aloe, the ‘friendly’ plant

You have seen it in many offices and indoor places. Aloe is an ‘easy and friendly ‘ plant because, in addition to having an objectively beautiful appearance, it offers many possibilities: you only have to water it every 20 days, taking care that the pot does not puddle. In addition, it coexists with other plants, especially if they are ‘watered’ by natural light. If your bathroom has a window and you want to opt for a little known plant, it is your ideal plant. It is one of the best plants for the bathroom.

Potus, it never fails!

It is one of those most common plants that you always want to acquire, because of its simple characteristics and care and the aesthetic that results. Even if you are not a friend of the dark, with good artificial light in your bathroom, it will be enough. Try to dispense with the pot and, instead, opt for a large glass jar or vase where they can be ‘hanging’ the roots of this plant freely. He will thank you!

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Orchids, ‘beautiful flowers’plants for bathroom

One of the indoor plants par excellence is the orchid. Its stem and flower are simply beautiful, but also offers a number of advantages when it comes to taking care of it: watering it once every 10 days is enough. There are orchids of different colors, which makes the decorative options of our bathroom multiply. Is not it great?

As you can see, it is not difficult to get a simple and colorful plant that cheers our bathroom, our house and, of course, our daily life in it.

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