Business Casual

4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace

4 Must-Haves for the man’s wardrobe which will make business casual seem business possible.  Business casual being defined as not dress down with sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans; no but rather clothing appropriate for work which doesn’t suit and tie attire. Clothing makes the man and in some environments, it can make the difference in achieving a promotion, getting to lead prestige accounts or manage multi-million dollar projects.  Dressing the part can be done affordably, with style and finesse.  Check out these 5 “must-haves” for the office.

Business Casual

Here are 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace:

Nothing says business casual better for men than chinos.  Chinos make an outfit pop.  They are comfortable, breathable and thinkable meaning an individual can think of them.  Great ideas are inevitable in a pair of Chinos. Think Chinos & Suspenders.  Generally, chinos are 100% cotton which means that they have a certain amount of giving. They come in Slim, Straight Leg and Boot-Cut.  They come in a variety of shades but the most popular in the office is Khakis.

Chinos can be a compliment by the shirt worn.  The look depends on what you may be going for a business casual or business casual upgraded.   Dress that business casual outfit up with a cuff-linked shirt which allows the wearer to accentuate their outfit with the expression of the cuff more visibly noticed in a business casual environment.  One could also wear a nice business casual shirt which comes in a variety of colors.  Best bet would be to go for a non-iron button up which has a blend which makes it well suited for business casual attire. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Neckwear is an option in a business casual environment one can don a bow-tie or a straight-time but the bow-tie look is making a comeback!  These are available as self-tied or ready tied. There are many videos available which teach tying techniques to make your selection standout among your peers.

Classic casual shoes like penny loafers, boat shoes and loafers still rule the workplace and are made in eye catching styles and colors.  Work trainers, brogue shoes, and Wingtip derby shoes are other casual alternates that make a statement.  Always remember that your career is predicated on the choices made by the decisions made with respect to workwear.  The best bet is to be fashionably conservative over a hip. Work it!

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