cats eat raspberries

Can cats eat raspberries? Discover the Answer

If you have entered the doubt about whether raspberries are suitable for cats, or on the contrary, they hurt them. You are in the right post. Find out if your cat has raspberries, and what benefits they could bring.

Can cats eat raspberries?

cats eat raspberries

All cats don’t like strawberries. Many are not interested in the least, but there are kittens that do appreciate this rosy fruit. The answer to the question, “Can cats eat raspberries?” is yes! Certainly, cats can eat strawberries. According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, raspberries are good for cats.

You can let your cat lick a strawberry if you want, or even give your kitten a few pieces of strawberry from time to time. But remember that cats are carnivorous, so strawberries and other fruits should only be a supplement in your cat’s diet or a natural treat that you give him from time to time. Not the basis of your diet, or the basis of a recipe for homemade cat food, ok?

Cats are more sensitive and delicate stomach than others. If after eating a strawberry, you notice that your cat vomits, gets worse, or has diarrhea, be cautious and better not give more strawberries. Try other softer fruits or vegetables such as cooked carrots or cooked peas.

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Properties of raspberries for cats:

The strawberries in small doses can be beneficial for your cat because they provide some variety to your diet and some nutrients. Among the properties of raspberries are:

  • Strawberries have natural antioxidants, such as vitamin C
  • Minerals such as magnesium and copper
  • Tannins
  • Lecithin and Pectin

Precautions if you feed strawberries to your cat:

Moderate the number of strawberries your cat eats. If you give him many, he could give him diarrhea. They are also rich in sugars, and that in large doses is not good for cats.

If you have strawberry plants planted in your garden, don’t let your cat be around. In some cases, rubbing with strawberry leaves irritates the skin of cats.

Other fruits for cats

Apple: Seedless and skinless will provide vitamins A, C, B, E and K, in addition to minerals.

Pear: With almost 80% of the water, it will hydrate your cat. It is low in calories and rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and E.

Peach: Because of its sweetness, most cats like it.

Melon and watermelon: They are very suitable fruits to cope with the high summer temperatures due to their high water content. Offer them in little cubes without their seeds and will leave no trace.

Blueberries: They are also another fruit source of antioxidants.

Raspberries Due to their particular shape and color, they are very appealing, as well as healthy.

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cats eat almonds

Can cats eat almonds?

Can cats eat nuts like almonds or nuts? Surely you know more than one cat sitter who has told you to go crazy for them, devour them almost without thinking and one after another. But are they beneficial to their health? In the case of almonds, we can ask the same.

Perhaps it is because of the salt they contain because they can be eaten almost without chewing or because they like the texture. As your caregiver, we recommend that you are very attentive to whether a nut or an almond fall into its power. It could cause irreparable kidney damage if you get intoxicated with these almonds. Remember that in addition to what we are going to tell you below, you have our online dietitians specialized in felines.

cats eat almonds

Can cats eat almonds?

With almonds, we are strict: don’t even think about giving them one. This is one of the total and prohibited foods for cats. Walnuts contain toxins for them that could kill you eaten in bulk.

A single almond will do nothing as long as it is a healthy cat with some weight, but if it is a pussycat, the thing changes. In case, it has been swallowed. There are several problems associated with their consumption. The first is that you can choke on her. Remember that the Heimlich maneuver consists of taking them and hitting them on the back so that they expel the piece.

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Another problem is that because it is a hard food, there may be remains inside the mouth and between the teeth, which can cause bacterial attacks. This would not be a particularly serious problem if we found that all cat caretakers take the hygiene of their fangs to the letter, but we know that this is not the case. Do not forget that a bacterial infection in your cat’s mouth can end up becoming a serious disease in another part of his body, as pathogens travel through the blood to the kidneys.

Can cats eat nuts?

So far, it will be clear to you that the fruits are not a good idea. So what about almonds? Well, they are also a bad decision. They can be choked with them. Salt can harm them. In addition, almonds have a particular substance that can cause kidney damage.

In summary, if you have swallowed some almonds or some almonds, what we recommend is that you go to the veterinarians. These almonds can cause serious damage. In addition, the problem with damage to the viscera, such as the kidneys or liver, is that they do not warn, do not show pain and only show their consequences many days later.

Therefore, prevention is always better than cure. Cats are not dogs; they have a much more exquisite stomach than they do, so you need to be extremely cautious with everything in your mouth. Do not forget that you have our online dietitians for everything you need.