10 best utility apps for mobile

These days, smartphones are human’s best companions, offering varied features and digital services. With certain apps, life has become easier for many.

There are tons of utility software developed for mobile devices for this purpose. Here are the 10 most important apps for your day-to-day activities brought to you by the best online casino platform.

1 – Klok

Klok is a world time converter widget that helps you stay on time with people you care about in different time zones. Quickly glance and convert time by swiping down from anywhere, your phone doesn’t even have to be unlocked. Its features make it one of the best tools and utility apps.

2 – Authy

Authy brings the future of two-factor authentication to the convenience of your iPhone or iPad. The app generates secure 2 step verification tokens on your device. It helps you protect your account from hackers and hijackers by adding layer of security.

3 – Find My Device

This app lets you ping the location of your device in the event that it becomes lost or stolen. It’s compatible with phones, tablets, and even Wear OS smartwatches. You can also lock your device, erase it, and show a message on your device to plead to the finder to return it. It’s a free service by Google and that makes it so nice. Those who want something a little more powerful should check out Cerberus. It does a lot of the same stuff, but also has more features if you don’t mind paying for them.

4 – GasBuddy

GasBuddy helps you find gas. You can use it to find fueling stations on long road trips. Alternatively, you can use it in the city to find the cheapest gas in your area. On top of that, the app allows you to report the gas prices at stations nearby so you can help out fellow drivers. It only works in the US, Canada, and Australia for right now.

5 – Google Assistant / Google Search / Google Feed

The official Google app is one of the most powerful tools on mobile. It can do almost anything. You can ask Google Assistant for the weather or to control your smart lighting setup. Google Feed provides a feed of relevant info just for your (although that does take time to customize). We all already know the benefits of Google Search. It especially popular amongst gamblers when they’re searching for best online casino uk sites.


This app allows you to make connections between other apps. For instance, you can have the app upload a photo to your Dropbox after you share it on Instagram. That is just scratching the surface of all the things it can do. There are tons of apps that have IFTTT integration built-in and you can even use to do things like control your smart lights.

7 – CalNote

The calculator app for Android works like a spreadsheet, but it’s much more comfortable and straightforward to use. You need to type an expression, and the app would show you the answer instantly.

8 – PC Remote

This utility app controls a PC over wifi or Bluetooth. PC Remote lets you play all kinds of PC games with onboard sensors and specifically designed buttons. Apart from that, it also supports file transfer between devices.

9 – DuckDuckGo

Based on Google’s Chromium codebase, DuckDuckGo is a minimalistic browser designed to keep your online activities private. DuckDuckGo defaults to the highest encryption available for whatever site you visit, and lets you wipe your browsing history with a button tap. If you’re tired of trackers hounding you for advertisement purposes, and want to browse the web with a bit of freedom, use this app.

10 – Duolingo

If you’re looking to learn another language, Duolingo gamifies language learning with bite-sized lessons and a friendly interface. Starting with simple vocabulary and building from there, Duolingo is your guide to learning a new language or brushing up on one you already know. The more you use the app, the more you unlock and—with practice—the more you learn. This free app currently supports Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

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