Who invented air conditioning?

It is Willis Carrier who deserves credit for this. Well, not only him. He and five other individuals discovered and developed the air conditioning system that now benefits many people and businesses around the world.

Most commonly, they are used to maintain an interior environment like an office, or a store, at a comfortable and optimal temperature. It can be applied to a wide range of industries, including hospitals, nuclear power plants, mines or even fine art museums.

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How did we get to this point?

Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley

Benjamin Franklin, the founder of the United States of America and John Hadley, professor of chemistry at Cambridge University, performed the first documented test of air conditioning theory in 1758. They tested the principle of rapid cooling using evaporation.

They found that by placing different liquids onto the bulb of a mercury-based thermometer, the temperature dropped as the liquid evaporated. For your Air con Gloucester needs, contact https://acecc.co.uk

Michael Faraday

In 1820, Michael Faraday, an English scientist and inventor, discovered that by compressing ammonia to liquid form, it could then be evaporated, which would cool the air in the room.

Faraday went on to be one of the greatest scientists of all time. He discovered the chemical benzene, and invented an early version of the Bunsen Burner to name a few. Albert Einstein had a photo of Faraday hanging on his wall.

John Gorrie

John Gorrie, a Florida physician, built his ice machine in 1842. It used compressor technology to compress water and air to create ice. The air was then blown on top of the ice, which cooled the air and kept his patients cool.

In 1851, he patented his ice-making device and imagined a world filled with his machines that keep everyone cool around the globe.

Gorrie, who lacked financial backing to realise his dream of air conditioning in every home, died in 1855.

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Willis Carrier, “The Father Of Air Conditioning”

Willis H Carrier invented the first electric air conditioning unit in 1900. He was the Chief Engineer at Buffalo Forge Company from 1902-1915, which Howden acquired in 1993.

Carrier had to improve the printing process at a plant where excessive humidity was causing havoc with the inks. Carrier came up with a solution that controlled temperature, humidity, air circulation, ventilation and cleaned the air. Not bad for someone who was just out of college.

He reversed the process using his knowledge about heating objects with steam. He sent the air through cold water-filled coils instead of hot coils. The humidity in the air increased as the air cooled. This allowed the temperature and humidity to be controlled.

The modern air conditioner was created.

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