What is the Holy Grail of office chairs?

Is there such a thing as the perfect office chair? The search for the right office chair is a bit like the quest for the Holy Grail. You think you’ve found the one – the one that will stop your back pain, keep you comfortable yet focused and support you through good times and bad. Alas, the relationship often ends sooner than you imagined when you realise the chair hasn’t fixed all the ills you’ve been experiencing. How many if these have you tried?

The Gym Ball

Also known as a Swiss Ball, Exercise Ball or Balance Ball Chair. If you invested in one of these, thinking you’ll somehow be able to kill two birds with one stone and work and tone simultaneously – you’ve no doubt assigned it to the shed or loft by now. It made you uncomfortable, you didn’t get a six pack and surprised yourself at how quickly the bouncy novelty wore off.

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The Backless Kneeling Chair

Remember these? They were all the rage at one time and if you tried one, you’ll have soon realised that they were designed more as a form of torture than an ergonomically-designed zen chair of wellness. It might have been fun for a while, but the kneeling was unsustainable for a full day at work. It soon found an alternative and much more useful role as a clothes horse.

The Executive Chair

Otherwise known as the CEO Chair, a Boardroom Chair or just the chair belonging to the Big Cheese. You bought it because it made you feel like a super villain in an evil lair or thought it would make you more assertive in meetings. The arms and swivel ability made you feel important, until you first bumped said arms into your desk, which became increasingly annoying. You’ll have probably tried to palm it off on someone else, hoping to make them feel as important as you once did.

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The Antique Stool

If you were ever tempted to ‘go rustic’, you might have been tempted by an antique stool, also known as a worker’s or rustic stool. Before long, you soon realised that furniture such as this is only good for stacking artfully arranged books or a potted plant in the conservatory. You’ll end up with backache and retire it for use as a side table in a matter of days.

The Budget Swivel Chair

Things might start well but its flimsy lack of support and style will soon leave you wanting for more. You’ll soon come to realise that budget isn’t always best when it comes to an important piece of furniture you need to sit in for many hours a day. Don’t think a cushion will help either.

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