Christmas Goodies

How to Display Your Christmas Goodies

If you offer fresh-baked desserts in your food service establishment, you likely have a few ideas for the holiday season. For best results, follow these tips to show off your goodies to their best advantages and wait for the orders to start flowing in.

Trust Your Case

Your display starts with your case — the section of your counter that holds the desserts you want to display. Make sure you buy from case manufacturers you can trust to build a sturdy, insulated container. That way, you can always serve fresh and delicious treats with confidence that they’ve stayed that way.

Choose Thematic Elements

You can shuffle through themes as the holiday goes on, but at least from shelf to shelf, commit to certain unifying elements that your desserts will share. For example, think chocolate and peppermint on one shelf, pumpkin and apple flavors on another, and gingerbread and maple on the third.

Raise and Lower

You’ll want to use stands within your case to lift some desserts and leave others lower. Not only will you create more space to put out different treats, but you’ll be able to emphasize desserts that are specials for the week or that you need to get rid of quickly. Use all three dimensions to attract attention.

Center and Symmetrize

In each section, choose a signature piece to build the rest of your display around. If you offer a flavor of cake in slices, cupcakes, or full-cake options, you can set up your exhibition by putting a full cake in the middle and surrounding it with cut pieces and cupcakes of the same flavor.

Light it Up

Your display case should come with interior lights, but you can adjust the preset lights and add strings of lights to accomplish two purposes: illuminate dark corners and add festive touches.

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