Vinyl Window Decals Last for Decades

How to Make Your Vinyl Window Decals Last for Decades

Smart retail store owners and restaurant owners have recognized that unused spaces on glass doors/windows are prime real estate. They use vinyl decals and stickers for advertising their brand, post fun marketing messages, and draw other forms of customer engagement.

Traditional marketing techniques still hold a lot of value in various offline areas –

  • Restaurants, nonprofits, schools, and other organizations use window signs and graphics to announce special events.
  • Smart marketers use exterior-facing window graphics to communicate important brand messages (e.g., Huge Discounts Inside!).
  • High-quality vinyl decals are easily removable and reusable.
  • Digital and wide-format printing technology allow brands to print highly sophisticated marketing designs and messages on their decals.

These are the reasons why investing in window decal marketing makes total sense for small-scale businesses. However, businesses could benefit by making their traditional marketing tools a bit more cost-effective. That means making your vinyl decals last longer than usual.

Here’s the detailed guide to installing, maintaining, and preserving your window decals and making them last for decades.

What Will Affect Your Decals? 

The amount of time your decals stay stuck to your glass structures depends on their adhesive qualities. The following factors impact the adhesives on vinyl decals –

  • The strength of the adhesives.
  • The amount of time the decal is stuck onto a glass structure.
  • The temperatures the decals are exposed to on a day-to-day basis.
  • The type of glass surface the decal is stuck onto.

Installing and Maintaining Window Decals – Important Temperature Guidelines

The temperatures that the decals are exposed to during day-to-day use play the most important role. The key to ensuring your vinyl decals last for years is assessing how cold and hot temperatures affect the decals.

To ensure the vinyl and the adhesives of your decals don’t wither due to temperature-related reasons, follow these temperature-related guidelines:

  • Application Temperature:Application temperature refers to the temperature that the seller recommends for installing the decal. For instance, most vinyl decal manufacturers recommend application temperatures of 40 degrees Fahrenheit or more. Applying decals below this temperature will result in poor adhesion between the decal and the application surface (the glass). Adhesives become brittle in cold temperatures and impact the decal’s life expectancy.
  • Day-to-Day Use Temperature Range:This is the temperature spectrum where your decal will thrive, i.e., last, its full lifetime. Avoid exposing your window decals to extremely cold temperatures. At super-cold temperatures, the vinyl’s molecules drift apart, making the decals flexible and loose.

How to Fix a Loose Decal?

Get a hairdryer or a heat gun if your decal’s adhesives have become too solid or frigid due to cold temperatures. Carefully re-heat the loose regions of the decal. The heat will melt down the frigid adhesives. Carry out this process twice as slow if you’re dealing with glass surfaces. The adhesive connections between the decal and the glass are very weak.

Apply heat gently to re-create those adhesive connections. After applying the heat, gently rub the decals. Your decals will look as good as newly installed decals!

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