How to thin nail polish

How to thin nail polish

It is a big problem that nail polish becomes thin. But its solution is so simple that can not only save your money but also you can make your beloved nail polish reusable. So when nail polish becomes thin then the big question is how to thin nail polish. Here I am going to disclose some proven tricks that will help you to make your nail polish reusable.

Nail Polish Thinner

The most useful process is to thin nail polish without any tension. The cost of this process is buying a nail polish thinner. Most of the time the nail polish thinner is available at home so you just need an eyedropper which is also available at home.

Eyedropper is essential because it helps you mix the nail polish thinner with nail polish correctly. Take a few drops of nail polish thinner into the eyedropper. Then open the nail polish bottle cap and squeeze the eyedropper to add the nail polish thinner.

Now close the bottle cap and set it between your hands plumbs. Now rotate it for 3 to 4 minutes. Never shake the bottle because it can create bubbles that damage your nail polish quality.

How to thin nail polish

Mix Nail Polish

It can surprise you but it is also a proven method that can help you to make your nail polish reusable. For this, you need the same brand and same color nail polish. If you don’t have the same brand or same color then you can experiment.

Mixing different colors which converts to another color. Just add a little nail polish and tight the cap now set the bottle between the plumbs. Now rotated the bottle for 3 to 4 minutes as mentioned before don’t sake the bottle. Because it has a bad effect on the nail polish quality.

Now check the nail polish thickness if you need to be thinner then follow the process again until you get your desire thin nail polish.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol help is also effective to get back the nail polish consistency. First, open the rubbing alcohol bottle lid then take a few drops of alcohol by eyedropper. Try to take alcohol into the eyedropper first. Because if you open the nail polish bottle first there is a possibility that it can be dry. Now drop the alcohol into the bottle 2 or 3 times then tight the lid and rotate the bottle.

Hot Water

You can thin the nail polish without any cost just by using hot water therapy. Generally, if you sink a normal glass bottle into the hot water there is a possibility that it can be broken. Don’t worry you are not going to use extreme level hot water. A nail polish bottle can bear the heat of the lukewarm water and usually nail polish bottle is thicker.

Take a small bowl of hot water and sink the bottle into the hot water. Before sinking the bottle into the hot water tighten the lid and sink it for 3 minutes.


If the nail polish is dry out or the expiration date is over then don’t follow the mentioned tricks above. It just wastes your time and money but the output will be zero.

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