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5 recommendations to improve your Internet sales

Worldwide e-commerce is going full steam ahead and the Internet sales have expanded so much since they offer innumerable advantages for the consumer as well as for the seller (comfort, reduction of costs, reach of diverse public, etc.).

And you? Would you like to also be part of this growing statistic, learning to improve online sales even more? Read carefully the 5 recommendations for Internet sales that we select for you.

How to improve your Internet sales?

 Internet sales

Maybe you’ve already made your first sale online. But, let’s be honest, selling a single product is much simpler than maintaining the regular sales rate every month of the year, do not you think? Read more: Discord fatal javascript error

Thinking about that, we made a list of 3 essential points so that your online business becomes more profitable.

Have a functional website

Do you really think that the user will continue on your website if it is slow, confusing or full of ads obstructing your visual field? Of course not!

Just one click to leave the page and go shopping with the competition. Therefore, to boost your Internet sales, you need to invest in the functionality of your Web page and facilitate the shopping experience of your client.

Work with multi-channels

Do you want to facilitate access to your products? Then introduce yourself on most social networks!

You can even focus more efforts on the platforms where your audience is more connected, even that is recommended.

Meanwhile, as much as possible, create accounts in the most popular communication channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blog. That will boost your product disclosure, resulting in more sales.

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Strengthen logistics

It is normal to create expectations when buying online. It’s because there is no physical contact with the seller and with the product. Many times the client ends up anxious to know what the way of sending the product is (mainly if the delivery is virtual), what is the arrival date, what is the tracking number, among other doubts.

So that you do not worry so much, it is essential to invest in good logistics for your business.

Logistics is much more than just worrying about the transportation of merchandise. It affects the entire flow management of your products. Therefore, even if you have a completely online business, it is important that you worry about logistics.

One recommendation: make clear on your Internet sales page all information regarding the delivery and format of the products that the user is buying. Thus, you already avoid certain doubts that could cause an objection to your product.

5 steps to increase your Internet sales

As we saw, there are some issues that it is essential to review before starting to sell online. But we still have some suggestions to increase your online sales. Are we going to see them?

1. Point to the most popular plan

Have you already wondered why the “most popular plan” is the most popular?

It may seem a redundant question, but not always a service is the most chosen because it is the cheapest, for example. Many times consumers end up choosing it for the simple fact that the other consumers also chose it.

It is the “herd effect”, in which several people react in the same way, one behind the other. That happens because, deep down, we like the sense of similarity. At the time of purchase, we feel that we are not going to choose something bad if others have already made the same decision before…

Being that way, a good recommendation is to leave the most popular plan well featured among your other prices. That will make more customers click on that option.

In addition to the herd effect, there are other mental triggers that you can use to awaken people’s buying interest. Meet another 16 mental triggers.

2. Includes contact information

This may seem like a somewhat obvious recommendation, but one of the best ways to increase your online sales is placing all the contact information on your website or virtual store.

According to the 2015 Web Usability B2B Report, 64% of users say that the lack of information is one of the biggest errors in Web pages.

Therefore, to avoid losing any sales due to lack of care, do not forget to verify if all the contact information – social networks, email and buyer assistance – are present on your Internet sales page, ok?

3. Have a landing page that corresponds to your ad

The use of landing pages in paid ads is a powerful strategy. They function as the customer’s entry door into the next stage of the sales funnel, bringing it closer to the ultimate goal of any online business that wants to improve sales: conversion.

But it is important to be careful to misuse the landing page.

Example of this would be a confusing and overloaded design of elements, since it can produce the opposite effect to your sales strategy, distancing the consumer. And that’s not what we want, right? Do something simple and corresponding to each type of ads.

4. Examine your target audience

The questions you have to answer are: Do you really know your buyer? Do you know what your habits, your routine is? Do you know their main pain and their needs? If the answer is yes, we suggest that you spend some time just examining it.

It is common to find entrepreneurs who never had an open conversation with their ideal consumer affirming categorically that they know what they need. But do not kid yourself!

It is not always possible to trace the entire profile of your ideal consumer with only basic research. Talk to your client to get to know him better!

5. Give your customers a good experience

As we said recently, customer loyalty is the ultimate goal of any business and must be addressed as an indispensable after-sales investment. At the end of the day, it is they who will guarantee your regular Internet sales, right?

“But what should I do to increase my loyalty rate?” You must be asking. Very simple!

Offer the best possible shopping experience! If consumers receive attention with sympathy and willingness, it is very possible that they will buy your products again.

Plan and boost your Internet sales

As in any physical business, it is not enough to just expose the product anywhere and expect it to be sold in a very significant way. It also takes a lot of planning and strategies to sell online and get all the advantages of digital commerce.

For that reason, once again we recommend: do not stop applying our suggestions in your business to improve sales!

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