Between Season 3

Is Between Season 3 Canceled?

After two successful seasons, what would be one of Netflix’s teenage bets was forgotten. Canceled or just abandoned? In this post, we want to tell you what happened to the Netflix series Between and why there is no season 3. Read on and know the answer!

Will there be Between Season 3?

Between Season 3

After the premiere and end of the broadcast of season 2 of Between, many of the fans eagerly awaited the announcement of season 3. However, this did not happen. The cancellation of the series was never made official, but nothing was said about a possible hiatus and subsequent renewal. Keep reading: The flash season 8 When does it premiere?

For several months, the hope was kept that the project could be resumed, but neither Netflix nor the producers of Between have shown interest in producing a 3 season. This undoubtedly has made the public assume that after 2 deliveries, Between was canceled, although this is not official information.

On the other hand, if Between was renewed at some point, there would be a lot of content to exploit because the end of season 2 left us with a semi-open plot that could still be investigated. With a 6-month jump in tempo and various life changes for the characters, Between’s story might not have ended there.

When does Between season 3 premiere?

If the miracle occurs and the series Between was renewed for a season 3, and taking into account that the recordings will take place in 2021, this new installment could be released in early 2022.

However, all this would take place in a hypothetical case that we believe is unlikely to be carried out in season 3 of Between, taking into account that more than 4 years have passed since its last premiere.

Let’s talk about Between

When a mysterious disease infects an entire community and takes the lives of people over the age of 22, everything turns into chaos. Control of the city is in the hands of a group of teenagers who decide to take responsibility for public order. But control and teenagers are not a good combination.

Billed as a science fiction drama series, Between was released on May 21, 2015, on the Netflix streaming platform. After its premiere, the renewal of Between was publicly confirmed for a 2 season that premiered on June 30, 2016. Would you have liked there to be Between Season 3?

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