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Pizza has been a favourite in homes and restaurants worldwide for decades. The circle of adoration is a favourite recipe for many people. Add pizza to the menu if you own a restaurant or a place where people can get takeout. Your kitchen can be transformed into a culinary wonderland in minutes if you have a great quality commercial pizza oven.

You must get a commercial wood fired pizza oven for sale if you plan to open a pizzeria or include pizza on your menu. In this buyer’s guide, you’ll learn what to look for when buying one for your restaurant or catering business.

Buying Guide:


The menu will determine the sort of pizza chef you should hire at your restaurant and the number of pizzas they need to make. There are three wood-fired ovens to choose from: a deck pizza oven, a stone oven, and a conveyor oven.

Placement, weight, and size

If you’re looking for something like a commercial pizza oven, make sure it doesn’t take up too much space in your kitchen, or your employees will have a hard time using it. Before placing your order for a pizza maker, take measurements of your kitchen and confirm with your vendor that the model would fit. Don’t forget to consider your workers’ extraction and workspace.

Consider how many pizzas you expect to sell when choosing the size of the commercial pizza oven. You can expect a flurry of orders and impatient customers if you’re working a taco truck at a festival. If you own a fast food or quick-service restaurant, you’ll need enough cooking capacity to handle your peak-time customers. You won’t be capable of keeping up with orders if your pizza oven is too small. It’s also possible that you’ve wasted space or money by purchasing an oven that is too large for your restaurant’s diverse menu. Purchase a commercial wood fired pizza oven for sale that allows you to double- or triple-stack your ranges; they are ideal for high-volume establishments. A second oven could be an option, but it will take up space in the kitchen if you only use it when needed.

Configuration of parameters, features, and performance

Operating a wood-fired oven might be time-consuming, but it gives better results. Start your fire early in the day or shift and ensure you have enough wood to function. Maintaining the desired temperature throughout service may be challenging if a door is constantly opened and closed while cooking. Conveyor pizza ovens outsell wood-fired pizza ovens for this reason.

The fans in these pizza ovens are critical components. Consistency can be maintained by using a fan at a constant speed. A crispier result can be achieved by increasing the airflow beneath the dish. Your pizza will be cooked by warm air, not directly in contact with the heaters, which can lead to a burnt crust if the fan is not used. Consider the pizza maker’s mouth size, control placement, height, and the ease with which you can open or close the doors. The faster you can make pizza in your oven and the more content your cooks are, the better.


If you have an open kitchen or a food truck, your pizza maker is an essential part of the takeout side of the business; you may want to consider how your pizza oven looks. Commercial pizza ovens with wood-fired fires have the best aesthetic appeal. In an open kitchen, they’re a common sight, and they’re incredibly versatile in terms of design. Commercial pizza ovens like this are ideal for boosting a company’s visibility. As a result, the pizza-making process is a central part of the restaurant’s appeal. It is possible to powder coat white marble backsplash pizza ovens, conveyor belt pizza ovens, or deck ovens to match your brand or venue’s colour scheme. There are a wide variety of attractive and customisable models on the market.

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