Make Nail Polish Last Longer

4 Tricks to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Well-groomed nails are a symbol of beauty and femininity for women. However, doing your manicure in a beauty salon is not always the best option, either due to financial factors or due to time. Today we share 4 tricks to make nail polish last longer.

There are popular systems such as gel nails, but in the long run, they can be harmful to the health of our nail, so it is not recommended either.

For these reasons, many of us choose to do nail care and beautification at home, although we often do not know what the correct techniques are.

We want to share with you 4 simple tricks to make nail polish last longer and to make your manicure look more professional.

This way the nail polish will not deteriorate as quickly and you will be able to show off impeccable hands for a longer time.

The secret is not only in the way we apply the paint but also in the care we give it.

4 Tricks to Make Nail Polish Last Longer

Following these simple steps when you do your manicure will make the enamel last longer, without cracking or falling off, therefore saving time and money. You will see how these steps are very simple and basic but are often forgotten, making the nail polish last just a couple of days.

So take note and avoid this problem!

1. Clean and hydrate nails wellMake Nail Polish Last Longer

It is important that before thinking about painting the nails, they are perfectly clean. Be sure to remove all remaining enamels. Rub them with a cotton swab dipped in a little acetone. Even if you do not have them painted, it is important that you follow this step since it will help you remove dust and grease from the surface.

Then wash your hands with soap and rinse them. We recommend you do exfoliation with some natural or commercially available products.

Next up is hydration. Get a little massage with olive oil, almonds or jojoba for a few minutes before proceeding with the manicure.

You can also use a moisturizer, preferably for nails and cuticles. You can repeat this step frequently throughout the week. Using vitamin E will also help keep your cuticles hydrated and prevent enamel from cracking.

2. Put on a base before the enamelMake Nail Polish Last Longer

After your nails are well cleaned and hydrated it is time to apply a base coat before applying your favorite nail polish.

This will help the paint adhere better, last longer, and will help to smooth the surface for any damage to the nail.

This base should always be transparent and on the market, you will get them with calcium, hardeners, vitamins, etc., which will also improve the health of your nails.

3. Apply the glaze carefully and in thin layers

When the nail is ready, you must paint it, taking care to cover all the spaces, but avoiding passing through the same area several times.

The best thing for a good manicure is to apply a thin layer of enamel, wait for it to dry well for at least ten minutes, and apply a second coat. If the layers are thick, bubbles will probably come out and the paint will take longer to dry.

Remember to paint the edges of the nails well because they are the first to flake off. For this, it is also important to apply a sealing shine afterward that will prolong your manicure. You can finish with a few quick-drying drops.

4. Take care of your hands all the timeMake Nail Polish Last Longer

Maintenance is essential. You should take care of your nails not only after the manicure but all the time. Applying a coat of gloss every other day will help you retain color for longer, as will the use of oils.

Wear gloves when washing dishes or doing manual tasks, and avoid constantly hitting them with the keyboard if you work with a computer. Never play with your nails or put them in your mouth, this is unsightly. If this is your problem, remember to take a look at these 3 manicures to avoid nail-bitingly.

Following these basic recommendations, you will see how your nails will be groomed for a longer time. As you will have seen, these 4 tricks to make the enamel last longer are very simple and it does not cost anything to carry them out every time you do the manicure and paint your nails. What tricks do you use to make your manicure more durable?

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