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How to get back into sport after an injury

If you love to stay active and enjoy taking part in sports, you will understand how frustrating it can be when you suffer an injury. Having an injury can mean you are unable to play the sports you love for a significant period; even when you are fit again, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips on getting back into the habit.

sport injury

Image Credit

See a doctor

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between something such as a pulled muscle, which will heal by itself, and something more serious. It is always wise to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis so that you have proper care and take the right amount of time to heal. Continuing to play sports while injured could mean you make the injury even worse.

Know where you went wrong

After an injury, many people become wary of playing again. This is often because they are unsure exactly how the injury happened. Understanding how the injury occurred is the best way of avoiding it happening again. Ask a professional to watch you play and pinpoint where you are going wrong. You could also run through some sport drill videos to strengthen the way you play before you return.

sport injury

Image Credit

Prepare your body

You are far more likely to get hurt if you are not taking the time to prepare your body properly before playing sport. Firstly, food is fuel – you need this fuel for energy. If you are trying to take part when you are underfed and tired, you are going to make mistakes. Secondly, it is important to warm up and stretch before doing any kind of physical exercise to protect yourself from pulling or tearing muscles. Some great drills and warm-up exercises are available from resources such as

Don’t give up

Suffering an injury can be really disheartening, but this does not mean you should give up. Continue to build up your strength, physically and mentally, in preparation for your return. Ask your doctor for advice on supplements that may help you to recover quickly and avoid anything that could cause additional inflammation, such as alcohol and sugar. When you are ready to re-join the sporting world, take it a day at a time and don’t push yourself too far.

Ideas for sewing this spring’s catwalk trends

There are so many exciting new styles in fashion this season. Many people will be pleased to get out of their cosy winter clothes and dream of sunnier days ahead. How about making yourself some new clothes at a fraction of the price that you would pay in the major high street and designer shops? When creating your own clothes, concentrate on practical designs for every day, not zany, high fashions that no one except models on the catwalk would wear.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Let’s look at the major players for this year’s spring and summer looks.

Pastel Shades

This feminine look is always popular. Plain and printed silky dressmaking fabric is widely available in crepe and satin. Popular colours that work well with these fabrics are green, ivory and silver. Try the ruched look as an alternative to plain styles.

Formal Denim

This fabric has never gone out of fashion and can be used for dressing smart and casual styles alike. There are so many different shades of denim, and the fabric can be made up into dresses, tops, jackets and skirts, as well as the classic jeans.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Bright Colours

Bolder colours suit many people and are on trend. Cotton jersey and crepe dressmaking fabric is easy to sew into stunning outfits. For those who are confident enough to carry off this look, it is particularly effective if used for the whole outfit; otherwise, bright colours can be teamed with neutral shades and denim.

Pencil Skirts

This is another classic, and many fabric options are available in terms of colours and prints. You can even find fringed material. Take a look at to see some fabric options.


If you missed out on trying some of the more daring sleeve trends last year, it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon with this trend as it shows no signs of fading away. There are many patterns available for at least four different styles of sleeves that can be made in fabrics such as cotton lawn and gingham. Sleeve fabrics are also available from #

Tropical and Flower Prints

Finally, for those who like the really bold look, these fabrics are definitely still very much on trend. Not all of the patterns are big; there are small florals and some subtler, pastel shades. Polyester jersey sews up beautifully into wrap-style dresses. Continue Reading  Fashion lingerie for autumn: fall for the fall-inspired fashion…!!

How to Create the Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

An effective script can seamlessly guide call centre exchanges, but a weak script can seem forced and unhelpful. Here are some tips on ensuring efficient scripting for the best results.

Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

Image Credit

Map out Business and Customer Needs

Businesses will have different priorities in mind. Before designing a script, consider whether speed and quick resolutions or customer engagement are most important, and define the business’s key performance indicators (KPIs). Sketch out the potential customer needs and associated solutions to ensure all possible pathways are considered.

Test It Out

Role-play scripts with others, especially those outside of the company, to strengthen the feel of the script and improve its natural flow through rehearsal while empathising with the customer.

It can also be beneficial to compare test groups – one with and one without scripting – so as to garner feedback and measure the responses to each. Recordings of calls can also provide a plethora of insights.

Best Scripts for Your Call Centre

Image Credit

Go with the Flow

A script should be flexible and responsive to the individual customer. It should also convey a natural, spoken, authentic style. The script should be concise, with shorter sentences and no superfluous information, while ensuring the customer is aware of the points at which they can respond.

Bear in mind the varied methods of contact, including VoIP, with wholesale voice termination services like those from gaining popularity. Using ‘hello’ can be a more generally applicable greeting that negates the need to work out the customer’s time-zone.

Continual Development

A script is not set in stone. Through application and rehearsal, it can be developed, shaped and improved as a result of outcomes and feedback from both callers and staff. Appreciation of such feedback can heighten overall employee satisfaction in tandem with improving the customer journey.

The Format

Focus on the layout to make scripts easier to utilise. Keep it well structured, with a clear font. Make use of a bold font and coloured and underlined elements to highlight where emphasis should be made. Shorter paragraphs and bullet points can help prevent the script from feeling stunted, making it quicker to scan and be fleshed out rather than appearing like prose to be read.

Consider the possibility of different script versions, with a detailed option and a slimmed-down framework for less experienced and more experienced call handlers respectively.

Hottest SEO trends for 2018

Without a solid SEO strategy, your business will find it impossible to thrive. Businesses need to embrace SEO and treat it as a friend rather than an enemy. It is the most cost-effective strategy to advertise your products and services.

SEO trends

Image Credit

Voice search and user intent

According to the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization, search engines are analysing consumers’ behaviour to detect what they actually want from their online searches.

It is all about voice and user intent. Creating an article around a specific keyword that does not solve the user’s problem or answer their query is pointless. The ‘voice’ of an article is becoming increasingly important. Articles with a conversational tone are preferred by search engines, especially if they answer a question.

The focus has moved to match the search results closely to what the user was seeking, with the type of content now as important as the keywords it contains.

The SEO environment is constantly changing and only those with an up-to-date understanding of how to rank highly will be successful. By using an expert London based SEO agency, such as, you give your business the best chance of getting noticed online.

SEO trends

Image Credit

Engagement is key

Content that is shared often and is user-driven is deemed link-worthy and will rank well. This content is often longer than the standard 300-500 words posts. Long-form content is at least 1,500 words and ranks well on searches; what’s more, users stay longer on the pages and engage. Evergreen, well-written content is ideal. Continue reading A Day in an Online Business Owner’s Life

Engagement is not limited to links to other sites. It is increasingly important to obtain social media shares and engagement. If you can get retweets, Facebook shares, and Pinterest repins that result in clicks on your article, this will help your ranking.

Speed and security

It has finally been officially confirmed that site speed is a ranking factor for Google, so this is no longer an issue you can ignore. Today’s users expect information instantly; therefore, faster sites generate higher rates of conversions. Investing in strategies to speed up your site is a shrewd business move.

Security is another important issue, with Google clear that secure website certificates (SSLs) will impact where your site appears in the rankings. The last thing you need is for a warning notice to be attached to your site.

What to Know About Building on Contaminated Land

The Federation of Master Builders and other industry bodies agree that the shortage of available land is the greatest barrier to construction industry growth and the provision of new homes. It’s also a significant brake on industrial development in the UK.

Contaminated Land

Image Credit

Farmers, however, share the same predicament – increasing the competition for, and objections against, the development of greenfield sites. That leaves brownfields – those requiring remediation to return to use.

A Campaign For Rural England investigation determined there are enough brownfield sites to build a million homes. 17,656 sites are already listed by local authorities (totalling 28,000 hectares), and many smaller sites are tucked away in urban locations.

Although local authorities have responsibilities to assess land for pollution, commissioning your own survey is important to avoid unpleasant discoveries after work begins.

Image Credit

Land Remediation Services

Developers need to be better aware of the risks presented by chemical contaminants but also of the available solutions. One of the biggest risks for a developer is in misinterpreting the complex body of legislation that might apply depending upon the location, pollutant, remediation methods, intended use and neighbouring environmental features. Specialist land remediation services from are as valuable for their expertise in navigating this paperwork as they are for their remediation technologies and experience in conducting the logistics.

Common Pollutants

Heavy metals like cadmium, arsenic and lead are left over from many industrial processes and products. Their toxicity means they cannot be present in topsoil or allowed to endanger groundwater or nearby streams.

Solvents, oil and tar are also potentially toxic as well as inflammable or explosive under some conditions.

Asbestos is now a well-known hazard, but many people still fail to appreciate that it can be hiding in old roof tiles, floor tiles, plasterboards and discarded domestic products like toasters, curling tongs and hair-dryers.

You may think radioactivity an unlikely problem, but radioactive chemicals were once widely used in paint and other products. In most cases it is not the general level of environmental radiation that is the concern so much as the possibility of their ingestion.

Even in the absence of poisonous substances, decomposing material, especially organics, produces gases such as methane and carbon dioxide. Methane can burn or explode; carbon dioxide is also potentially toxic in the right circumstances. And both are considered damaging to the world’s climate.

Five approaches to pension drawdown

Following the government’s introduction of new pension freedoms in 2016, investors can draw money from their pensions as they need it, and keep their funds invested, instead of buying an annuity that guarantees income for life.

pension drawdown

Image Credit

This has meant, however, that individuals are faced with difficult choices. Helpful information can be found at the Pension Advisory Service.


Annuities are currently offering relatively low incomes and drawdown offers greater flexibility and potentially better returns from both capital and income. It remains, however, a riskier option. The alternative of a Self Invested Personal Pension is dependent on market fluctuations, and consequently, it is essential to leave enough in the pension fund to avoid the worry that there is not enough left to cover further income needs in difficult market conditions.


Advice from an Independent Financial Advisor will be essential for most investors, and most advisors will have access to software for IFAs, such as that provided by

pension drawdown

Image Credit

There are several approaches to bear in mind. Drawing capital at regular intervals to meet needs will mean selling investments to generate cash. Although selling investments as they fall may appear attractive, this can erode the value of the portfolio quickly.

To adapt to these circumstances, the investor may have to reduce income expectations, change investment strategy or buy an annuity.

It may be advisable in these circumstances to purchase bonds or dividend-yielding equities and build up cash within the portfolio for withdrawal needs. However, keeping cash may affect the ability to sustain income over the long term, as cash reserves generate little or no return and can have a detrimental impact on the portfolio.

One way to avoid this is by limiting withdrawals to the income generated by the investment pot, but then income will be variable, depending upon the portfolio’s performance. Alternatively, an investor may choose to delay taking any income until later in retirement, giving more flexibility on the investment front.

An investor not relying on long-term income from the pension may choose to make larger withdrawals, but there are important taxation considerations with this strategy, particularly for high tax bracket investors.

Finally, all individuals will have different requirements and so there is no simple strategy to drawdown and so advice is essential.

The Best Place to Get Small Ladies Shoes

Women with small feet are in a fashion crossroad. As a matter of fact, half the time, most of them wish to have larger or at least average shoe size. They scourge the malls and their favorite fashion boutiques, eager to get a new pair of small ladies shoes for a coming party that they will attend. After searching through racks for hours, they see a pair that they want only to find out that it does not come in smaller sizes? Have you ever felt the same?

small ladies shoes

Many brands, understand the frustrations of these women and thus, feel the need to create small ladies shoes.  If you are blessed with small feet, one of the best places to get shoes that will fit you is through online shopping sites. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, a lot of brands offer small ladies shoes that will not only suit your fashion sense but your budget as well. Keep reading

One of the main reasons why you need to consider getting your small ladies shoes online is the wide arrange of styles available to you. In a single page, you can easily see all the shoe styles – from stilettos, ballerina flats, espadrilles, top-siders or boat shoes, and even sneakers for the sporty girls. Most stores cannot easily bring back an old style. Online stores can easily re-stock once their customers demand a particular shoe style from them and in different colors and designs too. Continue reading 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace.

Aside from the wide bevy of shoe styles and designs, you may also take advantage of online sales that are not usually available in stores. There are websites that offer great deals that allow you to save money. So instead of buying a pair, you may be able to get two pairs for the price of one – that is a pretty good steal. You can use the savings to buy another pair of small ladies shoes for a loved one as well.

Getting small ladies shoes online also saves you a lot of time and effort because you can purchase your shoes within the comfort of your own home anytime. All you need to do is to log in using your personal computer, browse the site, and purchase, purchase, purchase. Payment is also a breeze since there are online shopping sites that offer bank transfers or payments through credit cards. There is no need for you as well to brave the traffic jams, line up for a long while because, after a couple of days or so, the online store will just deliver your shoes at your doorstep.

If you are worried that you may get the wrong size, fret not. Most online shoe websites provide you with the right measurements through their standard sizing charts. Thus, women with small feet will be able to get the best shoe style that will easily fit them.

Online stores like the Dainty Feet have definitely revolutionized and changed the way people shop. Ultimately, making things easier because shopping is now only a click or two away.

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Babyoye – Helping You with Baby Fashion

As a parent, we always want to give the best for our kids. So while searching for good products, we often get cheated by their attractive descriptions on the products. I hope my review on website helps you choose better products hereafter. I have been using it for more than two years starting from my pregnant days. And I have always got best items for the price that too at the earliest possible time. I had recently ordered a princess dress for my niece, and she was extremely happy with color and design. It enhances our kid’s beauty by bringing a smile on their faces.


Current generation moms who are not staying with elder people always need a caring hand who can guide on all necessary things to be kept handy and required to carry to the hospital. And Babyoye is something they were waiting for to know what all required to welcome a precious new member of the family. The large assortment of maternity and nursing items helps mom to know so many varieties of products available in the market to offer the best care. As feeding baby is the first step of motherhood, it can be made less cumbersome by carefully shopping few items. There are nursing pillows, breast pumps, nipple creams, bibs and napkins and much more essentials which make feeding time enjoyable for both mommy and baby. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Being parents we need to support and guide our baby or toddler in each stage as they cross different milestones. To support us, Babyoye has brought various kids toys that help to smooth out the developmental hurdles. For example, there are too many teething toys that keep our babies as comfortable as possible. At their earliest stage of development, faces and bright colors are the names of the game. Your baby’s vision is still blurry, which is why large, brightly colored items are easiest for him or her to see. Sensory toys that make a sound when pressed will help the baby become aware of what his or her hand is doing. As our baby continues to develop, boosting hand and eye coordination is an important consideration. And their playtime isn’t just fun, it’s an opportunity to encourage growth and development. has broken down their vast array of toys based on age. I really liked some of the toys that inspire creativity and learning in our child. A multitude of toys I found at Babyoye while browsing to gift somebody makes me know these many stuffs, Hope it helps you in some way.

Now has become my first choice for most of my gifting needs. Because the delivery process is too fast and if we are not satisfied with the product, we can easily exchange without any fuss. Once I faced an issue and returned the product and they refunded me the full amount. Hence I am now completely dependent on for all kid’s needs. As we can get everything online with the best quality, there is no need to waste time in searching different stores.

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Right Management: Leading a Team in Any Endeavor

The field of management is tricky to pin down since effective managers are evaluated based not just on their own efforts, but on the efforts of the team they oversee. There are therefore innumerable variables, some more useful than others, which come into play in determining good versus bad management styles. If you break the job of a manager down into its essential components, the key question you need to ask yourself is this:

management tricks

What unique and measurable effect do I effect do I have on the function of my team?

Depending on the type of work you’re managing, there are several ways to answer this. If you’re overseeing a production team that produces a certain amount of units of a product in a given period of time, your team should produce more units under your direction than it would otherwise. If you’re managing a sales team, the sales rate should be measurably augmented under your direction. If you’re managing a customer service team, the level of satisfied customers should be increased. The important thing is that you pick a metric and use that as your benchmark in evaluating your managerial effectiveness.

Pick at least one managerial metric and find a way to measure and track your achievement of that metric.

Bear in mind that whoever hired you to do this job is likely tracking your performance along with a number of metrics. Some of these will be things you can’t directly control. Try not to focus too hard on abstract statistics like overall employee attrition rates and the like. While your performance certainly has a role to play in affecting these statistics, there are too many other variables which also have an effect (HR policies, the overall economic climate, etc . . .). Basing your performance on larger trends can lead to undue self-criticism in negative circumstances, as well as unearned self-congratulation in negative. You don’t want to fall into the slough of despond or rest on your laurels. Remain goal-directed. Keep continue Website Structure Optimization of SEO

Focus on Small-Scale Metrics You Can Easily Influence

Look for problems you can directly control and institute policies to address them. Monitoring your employees’ productivity rates on a daily and weekly basis falls under this heading, as does watch the amount of sick and personal days taken. If your sales numbers aren’t up to snuff, create a short-term metric to evaluate your efforts to improve them. In a nutshell, focus as closely as possible on issues in which your influence is the primary determinant. Use larger statistics to determine which of these issues is most important, but judge your success on the smaller scale.

Blend the science of good planning with the art of personal involvement

Bad Management Model A:

There are two ways of quickly becoming an inefficient and out of touch manager. One is to focus myopically on an overarching plan while ignoring the changing realities of worker situations and market issues. Management is not about choosing an abstract number and doing everything possible to achieve it under any circumstances. It is about gauging what’s possible, balancing it with what you can feasibly expect of your team and your customers, and optimally bridging those two sides of the equation. If you find yourself consistently missing the mark, despite your best efforts at economizing and motivating your team, it’s not the end of the world to readjust your expectations. In fact, it is an essential part of good management to know when you’ve set unrealistic goals and to honestly address them.

Bad Management Model B:

The other way you can fail as a manager is to go the other way, focusing solely on the personal plight of your workers and letting productivity slip. Being the kind of manager your workers can joke around with is fine, but you aren’t their parent or best friend. Your primary concern must always be figuring out how to maximize their professional potential. Sometimes that’s bound to make you look like the bad guy, and you have to be ok with that. Ultimately they will respect you more if they see that you are driven to help them become the best workers possible. If you’ve ever seen the sitcom The Office, the caricatured manager Michael Scott is the cartoon version of this type of managerial failure. I’m sure you agree that nobody wants to be the real life version of that guy.

Finding Your Balance

The key is walking the tightrope between these two poles. You will find yourself pulled in either direction on multiple occasions throughout each day of work. Lean into the wind from either side and keep moving forward, confident in your plan and your ability to lead your team to success. Sometimes this will take a light touch and other times you will need to come down hard. Knowing when and how to use either approach is the “artistic” component of management if you will. It can only be perfected through experience. Think of it as a craft, and with enough experience and hard work, you’ll soon acquire the necessary instincts. Many management candidates who enter reputed business schools after cracking SNAP exam learn the basics of right management effectively.

Continue reading

4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace

4 Must-Haves for the man’s wardrobe which will make business casual seem business possible.  Business casual being defined as not dress down with sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans; no but rather clothing appropriate for work which doesn’t suit and tie attire. Clothing makes the man and in some environments, it can make the difference in achieving a promotion, getting to lead prestige accounts or manage multi-million dollar projects.  Dressing the part can be done affordably, with style and finesse.  Check out these 5 “must-haves” for the office.

Business Casual

Here are 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace:

Nothing says business casual better for men than chinos.  Chinos make an outfit pop.  They are comfortable, breathable and thinkable meaning an individual can think of them.  Great ideas are inevitable in a pair of Chinos. Think Chinos & Suspenders.  Generally, chinos are 100% cotton which means that they have a certain amount of giving. They come in Slim, Straight Leg and Boot-Cut.  They come in a variety of shades but the most popular in the office is Khakis.

Chinos can be a compliment by the shirt worn.  The look depends on what you may be going for a business casual or business casual upgraded.   Dress that business casual outfit up with a cuff-linked shirt which allows the wearer to accentuate their outfit with the expression of the cuff more visibly noticed in a business casual environment.  One could also wear a nice business casual shirt which comes in a variety of colors.  Best bet would be to go for a non-iron button up which has a blend which makes it well suited for business casual attire. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Neckwear is an option in a business casual environment one can don a bow-tie or a straight-time but the bow-tie look is making a comeback!  These are available as self-tied or ready tied. There are many videos available which teach tying techniques to make your selection standout among your peers.

Classic casual shoes like penny loafers, boat shoes and loafers still rule the workplace and are made in eye catching styles and colors.  Work trainers, brogue shoes, and Wingtip derby shoes are other casual alternates that make a statement.  Always remember that your career is predicated on the choices made by the decisions made with respect to workwear.  The best bet is to be fashionably conservative over a hip. Work it!

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