Securing Financing for Your New Garden

Giving your garden a big overhaul isn’t a cheap process and depending on what your grand ambitions are it could be a project that extends over a much longer period of time with a growing cost for each stage too. You could get lucky and win big from a scratchy or a favourite online service like these here, but your best bet is to go for something a little more sustainable to ensure that your garden project is well funded throughout the whole journey – but how can you ensure you’ve got enough to complete the project?

Getting your own hands dirty – Of course the easiest way to cut back on costs is to do as much as you can yourself – there are plenty of tutorials online and rental equipment is easily accessible, and you could find yourself cutting out a huge portion of the cost if you’re willing to do this. You can get  surprisingly far in your project without all that much know how and may only need to get the professionals in if there’s something a little more specialist that  you don’t have the skills to handle yourself. It may not look as polished as a professional team, but it adds character and the satisfaction that you’ve done the hard work yourself.

Get some friends in to help – You’d be surprised at how far a case of beers can go, if you’ve got a few friends with a weekend spare it is certainly worth asking them for help – if any of them have any speciality then it could certainly speed your project along but showing your appreciation and giving them a snack and something cold to drink can often be enough, and the knowledge that you’ll repay the favour if they come asking too.

Working with the contractor can cut a few bucks too – If you do end up hiring the professionals to do the work, it may be worth asking if there’s a way that you can work alongside them to help recoup a little of the cost. Not all will give you the option, but certainly some that are smaller staffed or more local would willing to let you put in some manual labour to bring costs down – it may be very similar to what you’d be doing if you were to get your own hands dirty with the whole project, but at least with some more direction or a learning experience too.

A great garden need not break the bank and there are plenty of ways to bring costs down making it much easier to secure the financing you need for everything else that is a bit more technical and may even allow you to splash out a little more than anticipated on the big garden feature.

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