Six contemporary lighting ideas

Light up your life, and your home, with some of the most on-trend ideas this year. The lighting you choose for a room will dramatically change the way it looks and feels, so before you go ahead with new lighting, consider how you use the space.

lighting ideas

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1.      Grouping

Interior designers often arrange things in groups of three to achieve the best aesthetic look, and a similar principle works in lighting. Grouping several shades together – at least three, but often more – can create a real statement. Bulbs might not be as strong as if they were used alone. But together they create a great talking point.

2.      Wired up

Electrical lights are a wonderful thing in the modern home, but the wires and cables are not beautiful. Unless you make a feature of them. Opt for an industrial look, where the wires are meant to be on display, and achieve a very modern, urban feel.

3.      Chandeliers

If one light was associated with luxury and sophistication, the chandelier would be it. Today, the traditional styles are still available, but there are also lots of stunning contemporary chandeliers in the UK available from specialist retailers like Rocco Borghese

lighting ideas

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4.      Throw some shapes

Bold geometric patterns are everywhere at the moment, and that includes interiors. They’re surprisingly flexible and will suit lots of different styles and rooms.

5.      Arabian nights

North Africa and the Middle East influences have been seen for a while and the intricate detailing works well in lighting, leaving patterns dancing on the walls and giving the space an extra dimension. Think about the rest of your décor before you go too far down this lighting road, to make sure everything ties in at the end.

6.      LEDs

LEDs are everywhere at the moment, with fairy lights of all shapes, colours and sizes available from many outlets on the high street. Consider running LED rope around key features in the room, like a bed or fireplace, and you’ll achieve a gorgeous, understated, soft look.

For more information on the big trends in lighting this year, check out Lighting Insight.

Of course, the simplest update would be to replace the lampshade, and in 2018, there is no rule that says you have to have a fabric shade – look into wire, basketry, perhaps even wooden shades!

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