Style Sport-Chic Trends Of Suits And Clothes In 2019 For Women

Style Sport-Chic Trends Of Suits And Clothes In 2019 For Women

Strange, original, bright, but at the same time practical style sport-chic, it is also called glam sport, quickly broke into the life of modern fashion. It allows you to put on the shelf unloved shoes on dizzying heels, offering to replace them with comfortable moccasins, topsiders or sandals, complemented by a steady square heel.

The main features of the style of sport-chic in 2019

Modern sport-chic is not limited to the use of sports suits; it is a successful mixture of different styles. Consider its main features:

  • Wearing practical clothing and footwear that does not restrict movement, does not tire the legs. Convenience comes first.
  • The use of multi-layer outfits. T-shirt and sweatshirt, an oversized dress oversized, complemented by a sports sweater tied at the waist – these are the outfits typical of glam sports.
  • Negligence. Girls who prefer this style may look like they didn’t spend too much time choosing elements for the look.
  • Important accessories. Glam sport is impossible to imagine without scarves, hats, large and small bags, as well as patch pockets, massive hoods and other elements that make the image more individual.
  • Brightness. Sport-chic allows the use of multi-color dresses, but the color scheme should not be too saturated.

Sport-chic began to be considered a hotel style in the early 2000s, today many world stars have already chosen it. It is possible to combine non-compatible items in it, but it is necessary to take a responsible approach to the layout of materials. Knitwear looks good with wool, but lightweight chiffon or satin is in bad harmony with a fanned vest.

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Basic wardrobe items with photos

The fashionable look of the girl who chooses sport chic consists of small details, but first, you need to find the so-called “skeleton”, which will become the basis of your wardrobe.

Style Sport-Chic Trends Of Suits And Clothes In 2019 For Women

Loosely knit dresses

Most often for sport-chic use elongated models of dresses, differing by the length of the knee and smooth cut, complemented by sleeves. Such dresses are perfectly combined with sports shoes, allow you to hide figure flaws, can be supplemented with leather jackets, massive belts, voluminous scarves.

T-shirts and T-shirts

Forming a wardrobe for a sport-chic style, do not forget to get a free t-shirt and a long wide t-shirt with a deliberately large number or a label from a well-known company. This type of outerwear can be combined with sweatpants, boyfriend jeans, shorts, romantic skirts. The girls wear a long T-shirt or T-shirt as a tunic, putting on a loose cardigan from above, tying a jacket on a belt.


Bombers, long cardigans, parks, sports sweaters, puffed vests – this is what gives sport-chic to that very well-known layering. You can also wear sweatshirts, bright jackets, tunics, complementing them with sweatpants with stripes, classic black pants or jeans, loose skirts.


Sweatpants with stripes or stripes, black knit trousers, high-waisted models, complemented by voids, are the must-have of every girl who chooses sport chic. You can wear them with long T-shirts and T-shirts, tops, complementing the outfit with a jacket, park and other types of warm or light outerwear.


The first pair of shoes you should get for this style are white sneakers, which are a symbol of sport chic. They are worn with dresses and trousers, skirts and tunics, shorts and any other things. Free glam sport allows you to use moccasins, topsiders, wedges on the wedge and without it, sandals on thick or thin heels, the latter are perfectly combined with black trousers with twists.

Style Sport-Chic Trends Of Suits And Clothes In 2019 For Women


Choosing a sport-chic, you can wear tulle, lace skirts, models of corrugation, classic “pencils”. Any skirt should be complemented by sports items: sweatshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, bombers, and others. Skirts are worn with both sneakers and heeled shoes, choosing a more comfortable option.

Style Sport-Chic Trends Of Suits And Clothes In 2019 For Women


Women’s accessories in this style are no less important than a bomber jacket or pants with stripes:

  • peaks and baseball caps;
  • knitted ski hats;
  • scarves and Snooky;
  • Sunglasses;
  • bag shoppers, miniature backpacks;
  • in trend socks and socks, crocheted under sneakers, sandals;
  • watches and themed jewelry.

Look in the style of sport-chic should be bright, but at the same time devoid of pomp. It is permissible to combine different things, experiment, creating unusual outfits!

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