The Most Popular Tech Channels On YouTube

YouTube channels talking about technology and tech gadgets have been seeing tremendous growth in popularity over the last few years with millions of people watching and subscribing to these channels every day.

In this article from online casino usa, we will be listing out some of the best and popular YouTube tech-talking channels for you to get your daily tech knowledge.

Unbox Therapy – 18.2 Million Subscribers

Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy is one of the most popular tech channels on YouTube with 18.2 million subscribers, and it will continue growing. The presenter, Lewis Hilsenteger, has great knowledge and is quite passionate about his videos. With the name, you should have an idea of what the channel is about. It is about the unboxing of consumer electronics from PCs and smartphones to peripherals and consoles. With a high-quality camera fully active, items will be unboxed from the packaging and will be reviewed based on the first impressions.

Aside from unboxing tech, the presenter also talks about specs, DIY projects and also announces limited tech products deals.

Marques Brownlee – 15.2 Million Subscribers

Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, which is also known as MKBHD, is also another popular tech channel known on the YouTube platform. It boasts over 15.2 million subscribers. In this channel, Marques talks about tech and he reviews the latest gadgets. He always ensures to add a little extra to his videos, which them a lot unique and stand out amongst all other types of reviewers. He also talks about current technology news and sometimes spices things up with comedic skits. Elon Musk, Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and many more have all been interviewed on the MKBHD show. If you stick around his channel, you might get to see your favourite celebrity being interviewed by Marques.

Linus Tech Tips – 14.2 Million Subscribers

Linus Tech Tips

Linus Tech Tips is a technology channel that is owned by Linus Gabriel Sebastien and several others. The tech channel boasts 14.2 million subscribers, it started off as a channel that reviews products in tech. But now, it has become a now-defunct computer store that sees the tech channel grow in its own unique environment.

Linus Tech Tips has a few presenters that do a review of electronics, DIY PC building and give tips that will improve your tech life in the long run. The channel is educative and fun to watch, just like the games on best online casinos au.

MrWhoseTheBoss – 9.58 Million Subscribers


MrWhoseTheBoss is a channel owned by Arun Maini who lives in the UK. With over 9 million subscribers, this channel makes the list for most popular YouTube tech channels. The videos on this channel consist of reviews and comparisons of smartphones. He also reviews tech fails, unboxing weird and mysterious tech gadgets. You can never get bored watching his tech talks as it is often humorous.

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