Top 3 travel destinations on the UK COVID-19 green list

The restrictions have been around for what feels like a lifetime for us. We have been closed up in our houses unable to go to work, to get some retail therapy, let alone to travel abroad. As the world begins to open up, a lot of us are having daydreams about where and what we could be doing when we begin travelling again. Could it be a beach holiday, a city break or a cruise which will include stops to all the above?!

Currently the destinations many of us have been keeping an eye out for are the green destinations which do not require quarantining on return to the UK.

Here are a list of the top 3 holiday destinations which are currently on the green list.

  1. Malta

This island located in the Mediterranean has always been the place of dreams even before Game of Thrones brought it to life for many of us who were enjoying the series. There are a plethora of things to do in Malta regardless of what you are into. Whether your idea of a holiday is sight-seeing, relaxing by the pool or going for a shopping trip. This gorgeous island has it all to boot from culture to history to cuisine to nightlife.

  1. Barbados

If you were looking for a beach holiday, look no further! Barbados has beaches to rival many beaches. Picture the white sands and clear blue green waters and the sun glistening your skin. This small island paradise in the south of the Caribbean is a good choice for those looking for tropical wildlife, lazy strolls by the beach, rainforests and gorgeous Caribbean cuisine. You can also take your holiday online with the Barbados Casino which can be accessed here.

  1. Singapore

Singapore is known as a culture melting pot and for its array of hawker food which rivals some Michelin starred restaurants across the world. Singapore is also home to one of the best casinos, most notably the Marina Bay Sands. You can play some of your favourite casino games within the luxurious surroundings.

Whichever destination you pick, and whether you travel alone, with friends or family, we have no doubt that you will enjoy your time as all these destinations have their own charm and splendour to offer. If you cannot decide, why not tick them off on your travel list?!

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