All to know about Kia EV9 electric SUV

All to know about Kia EV9 electric SUV

The EV9 electric SUV will be offered in Europe and the UK from 2023, Kia has revealed of its new largest model. Previewed by the Concept EV9 that was unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show late last year, it is similar in size to the US-only Kia Telluride and was devised specifically to cater for the demand in that market for large SUVs.

What Is Vehicle Fleet Management2

What Is Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet Management is the strategic planning of a company’s fleet. It involves the collective management of a company’s assets by establishing asset allocation, asset tracking and budgeting. Fleet management is an integral part of companies’ overall business strategy. It enables a company to effectively deal with day to day supply, consumer and economic fluctuations, allocating resources to meet these challenges, while maintaining maximum operational efficiency. Companies like MPH Vehicle Solutions offer a perfect service.

Truck Wheel

Your Complete Guide to Truck Wheel Finishes

Let’s face it: You want performance and good looks from your rims. No good off-roading machine is complete without a sleek, stylish set of truck wheels. Shopping for your next set presents a bit of a problem: Which ones do you choose? That’s a good problem to have, but this brief guide to truck wheel finishes can help you save some time and bank before you hit the trails again.

Common Types of Finishes

No matter which finish you choose, every type can add a little flair to your truck’s appearance. The fine details, however, are evident in the color, material and luster of your rims’ finishes. You’ll usually see five types on the market today:

  • Powder coating
  • Paint coating
  • Clear coating
  • Chrome plated
  • Bare polished

Advantages and Challenges

When choosing your next set of all terrain wheels, there are a few performance factors you should consider. Powder coatings are applied using a dry paint and heat technique, containing finely ground resin and color particles. After the finish is electrically charged and sprayed on, the wheel itself is cured in a hot oven. These coatings are rust-, heat-, scratch- and chip-resistant, but you can’t recolor them.

Painted finishes offer more flexibility, with a wide range of colors, tints and even matte or shine options. They’re painted first, then get a clear topcoat after the paint is dry. They’ll need regular cleaning to keep them as close to their original appearance as possible. Chrome-plated wheels also require consistent upkeep, but they don’t need a protective topcoat to combat rust. They are prone to pitting and corrosion, however, so you’ll want to keep an extra eye on them during the winter.

Next, there are bare polished and clear coated finishes. Clear coatings can be applied to painted wheels, or to raw aluminum to achieve a bare polished finish. Bare polished wheels with clear coatings don’t put extra weight on your vehicle like chrome ones, and they’re relatively easy to care for. Without any top coating, bare polished wheels require added diligence in the upkeep department to prevent pitting and oxidation.

Matte, Satin, Gloss and Mirror Finishes

Your wheels will have a base type of finish plus a certain degree of shine. You’ll generally see matte, gloss, mirror and satin options on the market. Many combinations of finish type and shine quality are possible: for instance, satin chrome or gloss black powder coating. Upkeep mostly depends on the finish style, but following recommended cleaning and care should ensure they stay attractive whether you ride through mud, snow, water, or over rocky and rugged terrain.

A Few Final Wheel Shopping Tips

Once you know your options and what you need, shopping for your next set of wheels should be easier. A key thing to remember is that a reputable off road online store will have a positive customer rating, knowledgeable customer service and a strong industry track record. For added benefit, look for a retailer with both shipping and in-store pickup options for your new set of wheels. Some stores even offer installation, so check for this feature before you buy.

What Fender Covers Can Do For Your Car

What Fender Covers Can Do For Your Car

Create the ideal workspace for your classic car today. Whether you’re pulling out the engine, checking the oil or performing any other repair or maintenance, it’s important to keep your paint job protected. Just like a custom windshield cover, a fender cover can provide the workspace you need without damaging your vehicle. Learn more about the benefits of using fender covers for your classic or everyday car.

reasons why you have to clean the garage

5 reasons why you have to clean the garage

When we hear about health, the topic of eating a healthy diet or leading an active life always comes to mind, but we rarely read about the importance of health at home.
Cleaning in our homes is very important to lead a healthy life, especially the places where we do not live, such as storage rooms or garages.

A garage is a place in our house that accumulates a lot of dirt from the passage of our cars. We can see this dirt on the walls and the floor.

electric car prices

Why electric car prices will be cheaper than the fuel car in 2022?

The reduction in the prices of the lithium battery is the main reason why electric car prices keep getting closer to the fuel car. Others, such as the chassis, body or powertrain will help achieve it.

The day is approaching when the electric car prices will be cheaper than a fuel car. When that happens, it will be a crucial moment for the electric vehicle market, since a significant increase in sales worldwide is expected.

maintenance tips for vans

Top maintenance tips for vans

Your van is likely to be your most loyal employee and may also be one of your biggest investments. Without it, your business cannot function, so it makes sense to look after it. This will save you money in the long run, as you will avoid expensive repair and breakdown fees. It will also be worth more when you come to trade it in for a newer model.

maintenance tips for vans

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Here are some simple ways in which you can keep your van on the road:

Tyres and engine maintenance

Good-quality tyres are essential for road safety. Van tyres need to withstand a heavier load than those of an average car, which increases the pressure on them. According the Department for Transport, 446 accidents a year are linked to defective tyres, with low pressure one of the main problems. You can find the correct pressures in the van’s manual; in addition, they are often displayed inside the vehicle. Check them regularly. Keep reading Spanish Car Brands.

Your van’s engine is a complex system of many moving parts; without some simple and regular checks, it can seize up and stop working. Start by checking the oil levels using the dip stick. At the same time, check the engine coolant levels, the windscreen washer levels, and the power steering fluid.

maintenance tips for vans

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Interior and exterior maintenance

Van interiors can become severely damaged by tools, supplies and equipment; however, many van owners find that van plylining is the perfect solution. With kits available from suppliers such as, you can use high-quality, heavy-duty ply to protect the interior of your van from damage.

Exterior maintenance is also vital. In particular, it is essential that the lights are working properly to protect your safety and that of other road users. Keep them clean and ensure that the bulbs have not blown. If you do come across a bulb that is not working, get it replaced right away.

Dust and dirt not only collects on lights but can also make the paintwork look scruffy, which is not the impression you want your business to give. It also causes the paintwork to corrode more rapidly. Repair any small chips and scratches quickly to prevent a patch of rust appearing.

With just a little care and attention, your van will continue to be an asset to your business.

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