Jeans and a social rebellion2

Jeans and a social rebellion

Jeans were first created in 1853.  When they first came out they did not seem as rebellious in all clothing terms at all.  In fact  it was quite the opposite. Jeans were touted as being the answer to what to put manual workers in. They were affordable, quite comfy and very hard wearing. In terms of versatility back then, as now, they could not be beat.  The inventor of jeans took them from French peasants designs.  This was from the French city of De Nimes, which is where the name and style “Denim” comes from.

Why Is Fashion Important2

Why Is Fashion Important?

There are a few reasons why fashion is important to different people. For some people, it is a part of their livelihood and others simply enjoy it for fun. It can be a passion or a chore, depending on how you feel about the way you look. Not everyone agrees that fashion is important. Fashion is the popular trend of the moment and it can make people feel excited and part of society.

How to thin nail polish

How to thin nail polish

It is a big problem that nail polish becomes thin. But its solution is so simple that can not only save your money but also you can make your beloved nail polish reusable. So when nail polish becomes thin then the big question is how to thin nail polish. Here I am going to disclose some proven tricks that will help you to make your nail polish reusable.

Nail Polish Thinner

The most useful process is to thin nail polish without any tension. The cost of this process is buying a nail polish thinner. Most of the time the nail polish thinner is available at home so you just need an eyedropper which is also available at home.

Eyedropper is essential because it helps you mix the nail polish thinner with nail polish correctly. Take a few drops of nail polish thinner into the eyedropper. Then open the nail polish bottle cap and squeeze the eyedropper to add the nail polish thinner.

Now close the bottle cap and set it between your hands plumbs. Now rotate it for 3 to 4 minutes. Never shake the bottle because it can create bubbles that damage your nail polish quality.

How to thin nail polish

Mix Nail Polish

It can surprise you but it is also a proven method that can help you to make your nail polish reusable. For this, you need the same brand and same color nail polish. If you don’t have the same brand or same color then you can experiment.

Mixing different colors which converts to another color. Just add a little nail polish and tight the cap now set the bottle between the plumbs. Now rotated the bottle for 3 to 4 minutes as mentioned before don’t sake the bottle. Because it has a bad effect on the nail polish quality.

Now check the nail polish thickness if you need to be thinner then follow the process again until you get your desire thin nail polish.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol help is also effective to get back the nail polish consistency. First, open the rubbing alcohol bottle lid then take a few drops of alcohol by eyedropper. Try to take alcohol into the eyedropper first. Because if you open the nail polish bottle first there is a possibility that it can be dry. Now drop the alcohol into the bottle 2 or 3 times then tight the lid and rotate the bottle.

Hot Water

You can thin the nail polish without any cost just by using hot water therapy. Generally, if you sink a normal glass bottle into the hot water there is a possibility that it can be broken. Don’t worry you are not going to use extreme level hot water. A nail polish bottle can bear the heat of the lukewarm water and usually nail polish bottle is thicker.

Take a small bowl of hot water and sink the bottle into the hot water. Before sinking the bottle into the hot water tighten the lid and sink it for 3 minutes.


If the nail polish is dry out or the expiration date is over then don’t follow the mentioned tricks above. It just wastes your time and money but the output will be zero.

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Nike lifestyle shoes

Best Nike lifestyle shoes in 2021

Nike is the biggest brand for sports. This company was established back in 1964 by Bill Bowerman as Blue Ribbon Sports. Moreover, Nike has now more than 1200 stores worldwide also have a web store and app.

Nike lifestyle shoes is a famous brand and day by day its popularity just growing. Everyone loves Nike lifestyle shoes because of their unique design and other fascinating features they offers. Besides their fans can go any extinct to buy those stylish and lavish shoes. Generally, they release great shoes all the time so, it became more complicated and confusing to choose the best Nike lifestyle shoes to buy. But don’t be guys, we are here to get the job easy for you. We did mass research and then comes with the best shoes for you based on their design, features, quality, etc. So, here below we listed some of the best Nike lifestyle shoes we found. Go and check those out fast and enrich your shoe collection.

Nike lifestyle shoes

Nike Go FlyEase

Nike Go FlyEase is one most wild sneakers available right now. One of the main reasons behind selecting is that this shoe got a unique, intuitive, and simple design that makes this shoe more interesting. Generally, this shoe has got a rubber band on its outside to stays together. Also has the unique feature of splitting in half and its loosening is pretty good. Furthermore, this shoe’s main feature is easy in and out system also it’s a hands-free shoe. Although, this shoe was specially made for dexterity lack people and disable people normal people can also wear this amazing cool shoe. In footwear, this tempting shoe is a new innovation and comes at a reasonable price of 120$.

Nike Downshifter 9

Nike Downshifter 9 is great for super supportive and ultra-comfortable running shoes. Also, this shoe is available in online stores and it has a pretty high rate. Furthermore, this shoe has a flexible midsole which is full-length offers great cushioning to makes it more comfortable. And its mesh upper is lightweight that makes this shoe perfect for workouts. Besides, these shoes can easily get combine with almost all types of clothing. Also, this shoe can wear every day. However, the durability of this shoe is not so good especially, on the toebox which durability is low. These shoe’s price is 48$.

Nike Tanjun

In Japanese, the “Tanjun” word means “simplicity”. And Nike Tanjun is Nike’s best simplicity shoe. This shoe is a breathable, lightweight sneaker that comes on mainly in summertime. Also, this pair of shoes is a long-lasting and comfortable shoe. The mesh upper of this shoe ensures to remain your feet are cool while running. Moreover, for least cushioning this shoe-injected unit sole is loved by everyone. Besides great features, this has a modern design and look. Within a reasonable price of 65$, this shoe is perfect for anyone.


Nike lifestyle shoes are everyone’s favorite brand. The best overall shoe on this list is the Nike Downshifter 9 according to our editors. So, from the above list buy it or others for you. However, if you can’t buy those from Nikes stores then try on the online store’s sites.

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Why You Should Buy Womens Aran Sweaters2

Why You Should Buy Womens Aran Sweaters

Womens Aran Sweaters like the ones from Shamrock Gift  are incredibly stylish and make for the perfect outerwear for the fashion conscious woman. These sweaters are as chic as they come, and no longer need to be classic – the new Aran is both classic and stylish and can be worn with a wide variety of pants, skirts and dresses. The Aran sweater can be embroidered or sequined, and they’re made of Merino wool for great comfort and great style. These sweaters look fabulous on an evening out, and the cashmere lining keeps them looking soft and fuzzy all day long.

When it was suddenly ok for men to be fashionable.

After the Second World War the world was forever changed. The horrors of the conflict that had destroyed Europe were not lost on the generations and there was a feeling that this time there would be something concrete in terms of change so that it could not happen again. A similar sentiment had been felt after the first world war but this time society would be different. There would be no return to the age of due deference. All the classes had bleed together and suffered together, the days of forelock tugging were over. This was confirmed when the Labour Party gained power and the war hero Churchill was ousted.



The actress and singer sell this house for 2.9 million dollars. Notice: it is large and looks solid, but we will have to send you a Selena Gomez house stylist now!


Justin Bieber’s ex (or are they still together? Sorry, but I don’t know) has put this house up for sale several times (this is the third attempt). The house has more than 900 square meters, 5 bedrooms, pool, golf course … I would stay.


The house has this nice porch, which with a white awning must be beautiful (by the way, do you know that in the next issue of El Mueble they tell how to choose awning?). Those chairs, with nice cushions, will look like new. I like jungle print cushions, do you?


It’s a bit ‘What the Wind took away’, don’t you think? I guess it is a dream of any actress such a ladder … I see that the house has a very good structure, but it would be necessary to do a ‘restyling’. What if we sent one of our stylists? Olga Gil-Vernet has very good ideas.

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A personal stay of course is. I like pink armchairs (do you know that velvet is brought back ?) And also the green carpet. The rest would upholster everything again or paint it white, that clear. Good for the mix of chairs, bad for those curtains of the fifteenth century.


Now I understand why he sells the house. It is big and really needs an urgent update. In this room, I would change the floors for more pleasant ones, paint the beams of the ceiling and the stone of the chimney of broken white. And custom furniture, of course. Everything is very modest.


I insist that the structure of the house is good. Look at this open kitchen, just behind the living room, how solid it looks. But it is outdated. It could be renewed with a new countertop and painting or changing the furniture fronts. I would also paint the bar (black seems a bit of a horror movie).

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The lamps and the curtains also seem terrifying to me. If this were Cuore magazine, I would do it without hesitation an “Aarg”.


The house has five rooms and notice: they are all quite bland. This is the one I like the most. They have, of course, good natural light, a detail that makes everything look better. Although I think that the angle moldings between walls and ceiling would look better painted white.


It has very much in its favor the two windows, the wooden floor, and the high ceilings. In contrast, bright bedspreads, lamps, dark moldings and that TV cabinet that obscures everything.


Is it Selena Gomez’s or Maria Antonieta’s? Another Aarg for this bathroom. I can not say more, I am in shock.


This is the typical fancy fad: home theater. The concept is good, but leather armchairs and ‘vintage’ curtains (let’s call them that) give me terrible laziness. The carpet with little stars reveals that Selena is still a child, and now is when she gives me tenderness.

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Selena Gomez house has a playroom. After some old-fashioned and old bedrooms, the young part of the house. The game room is pink, fun. It doesn’t drive me crazy either, but I show it to you because it’s at least curious.


Or miniature golf, I don’t know. I like that lawn so careful, it will be that at this time and want to go outside …