Why crochet is on the high street this summer

Crochet is the needlework art of producing loops of yarn using a hook. From the iconic granny square blankets to the latest clothing fashion, crochet gives beautiful results with minimal materials required.

Crochet clothing

The traditional granny square is not the only beautiful crochet item, with crochet clothing also hugely popular this summer.

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Crochet is the answer to finding a comfortable fabric suited to the warm summer weather. Crochet clothing has been a huge hit on the spring and summer catwalks, paying homage to the 60s and 70s eras when crochet was in its heyday.

Crochet co-ords are the latest fashion essential to hit the high street. They are trendy, multi-functional, and require minimal styling, making them this year’s best investment pieces and perfect for balmy weather.

Crochet dresses and skirts are another staple fashion piece, especially in flattering midi or maxi options. Team them with elegant flat sandals for a dressy look or trainers for a more pared-down and casual option.

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For a more unconventional take on the traditional crochet, high street retailers are also favouring oversized crochet blouses and shirts. These are great for standalone wear or used as a beach coverup.

You can also incorporate crochet pieces into your existing wardrobe with the addition of clutch bags and beach bags, which are stylish and give a boho vibe.

Crochet kits

For crochet fans looking to embark on a journey of creating their own beautiful pieces, crochet kits are a great place to start. These come with everything you need to start and complete a project, with items such as homewares, blankets, and toys available. Kits typically come with a hook, yarn, instructions, and a pattern, and are suitable for all skill levels, whether beginner or expert. For a full range of crochet kits, including amigurumi crochet, stockists such as crochet kits will provide inspiration.

Not only is crochet beautiful to look at but it is also a joy to craft. Completing a project can provide you with immense satisfaction in addition to being the latest fashion trend.

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