Underrated clothing pieces that you should buy

We all know how easy it is to get swiped into a fashion trend that you saw online or in all of the shops. But besides all of the popular pieces, there are many fashion items that are real gems, but haven’t been discovered yet. Some will add that original touch to your outfits and will make you stand out from the crowd, while others will go well with all the favorite trends. In this article we added some suggestions of such pieces and also some tips on where to find them and how to style them. We hope this will help you discover some new items that will stick with you. Maybe you’ll be the next trendsetter. Read along and make sure you also check Pinterest to see how you can transform some old clothes into new unique diy projects.

Vintage sweaters

This first item is one that gained a lot of popularity and could be considered one of the latest online trends, but we have a slightly different approach to it. Vintage oversized sweaters are a super versatile and stylish piece that will work with almost anything in your wardrobe. But this suggestion is less about the item itself and more about where to find the best ones. If you want your vintage sweater to be authentically vintage and unique, you should go thrift shopping. It’s the best way to find original pieces and they are usually very high quality as well. So next time you want a comfy knit sweater, leave the online shopping and go thrifting for a change. You’ll surely find some gems.


With the spring approaching, this next item will be the perfect replacement for your winter coat. Ponchos are such an easy piece to style and they are totally underrated. Imagine wearing a dress, some heeled boots and a colorful poncho on top of it. It would add elegance to any outfit and will make you feel like a princess at all times. Ponchos used to be very popular in the old times, when women wore only dresses, but there’s no reason why they shouldn’t come back into the trends as they work very well with trousers too. If you want to check out some options, take a look at Gaelsong ponchos selection. This item is a great way to stay cozy and stylish, while having a unique look. We think this trend should come back as soon as possible so we can see some Cinderella looks everywhere.

Loose trousers

This last suggestion might need some explaining, but stay with us. You know those baggy, elegant trousers that your grandpa used to wear daily along with his sweater vests? Maybe you don’t see it, but those trousers will look very stylish paired with a cute crop top. You can find these loose grandpa trousers in any thrift store at the men’s section, and we suggest you go try them on, because they are a game changer. They are comfy and easy to wear, they look great with any modern piece and they have great pocket space. You don’t have to believe us on this one, try it for yourself and thank us later.

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