When it was suddenly ok for men to be fashionable.

After the Second World War the world was forever changed. The horrors of the conflict that had destroyed Europe were not lost on the generations and there was a feeling that this time there would be something concrete in terms of change so that it could not happen again. A similar sentiment had been felt after the first world war but this time society would be different. There would be no return to the age of due deference. All the classes had bleed together and suffered together, the days of forelock tugging were over. This was confirmed when the Labour Party gained power and the war hero Churchill was ousted.



The actress and singer sell this house for 2.9 million dollars. Notice: it is large and looks solid, but we will have to send you a Selena Gomez house stylist now!


Justin Bieber’s ex (or are they still together? Sorry, but I don’t know) has put this house up for sale several times (this is the third attempt). The house has more than 900 square meters, 5 bedrooms, pool, golf course … I would stay.


The house has this nice porch, which with a white awning must be beautiful (by the way, do you know that in the next issue of El Mueble they tell how to choose awning?). Those chairs, with nice cushions, will look like new. I like jungle print cushions, do you?


It’s a bit ‘What the Wind took away’, don’t you think? I guess it is a dream of any actress such a ladder … I see that the house has a very good structure, but it would be necessary to do a ‘restyling’. What if we sent one of our stylists? Olga Gil-Vernet has very good ideas.

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A personal stay of course is. I like pink armchairs (do you know that velvet is brought back ?) And also the green carpet. The rest would upholster everything again or paint it white, that clear. Good for the mix of chairs, bad for those curtains of the fifteenth century.


Now I understand why he sells the house. It is big and really needs an urgent update. In this room, I would change the floors for more pleasant ones, paint the beams of the ceiling and the stone of the chimney of broken white. And custom furniture, of course. Everything is very modest.


I insist that the structure of the house is good. Look at this open kitchen, just behind the living room, how solid it looks. But it is outdated. It could be renewed with a new countertop and painting or changing the furniture fronts. I would also paint the bar (black seems a bit of a horror movie).

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The lamps and the curtains also seem terrifying to me. If this were Cuore magazine, I would do it without hesitation an “Aarg”.


The house has five rooms and notice: they are all quite bland. This is the one I like the most. They have, of course, good natural light, a detail that makes everything look better. Although I think that the angle moldings between walls and ceiling would look better painted white.


It has very much in its favor the two windows, the wooden floor, and the high ceilings. In contrast, bright bedspreads, lamps, dark moldings and that TV cabinet that obscures everything.


Is it Selena Gomez’s or Maria Antonieta’s? Another Aarg for this bathroom. I can not say more, I am in shock.


This is the typical fancy fad: home theater. The concept is good, but leather armchairs and ‘vintage’ curtains (let’s call them that) give me terrible laziness. The carpet with little stars reveals that Selena is still a child, and now is when she gives me tenderness.

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Selena Gomez house has a playroom. After some old-fashioned and old bedrooms, the young part of the house. The game room is pink, fun. It doesn’t drive me crazy either, but I show it to you because it’s at least curious.


Or miniature golf, I don’t know. I like that lawn so careful, it will be that at this time and want to go outside …

Babywearing The best suggestions for the safety of the child in the wing

Babywearing: The best suggestions for the safety of the child in the wing

You can start babywearing right from birth with the right support. Right after giving birth, I recommend you enjoy your baby skin to skin, thinking only of you. After a while (and the “little” you will define it, there is certainly no rule), you will begin to become familiar without forcing or forcing yourself. You will help your child to pass more gently from the belly to the world.

beautiful hairstyles

Get ready for fall with these beautiful hairstyles

The appearance of a girl’s hair enhances her identity and beauty, therefore changing your hairstyle as the seasons do, guarantees you to be at the forefront of your personal appearance. We share some beautiful hairstyles for this fall.

For this fall 2019, the styles that stand out from other seasons and new ones that make their way are different, to enhance those short hair or long hair. The important thing is, dare to exhibit a different look that guarantees you a casual, elegant or casual style.

best tattoo ideas

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin

The best tattoo ideas to tattoo your brown skin. The brown skins are the most difficult to tattoo, but that does not mean they can not wear well-defined tattoos and strong colors. However, the smallest, those that contain fine lines or light tones are not the most suitable for these skins, they are diffuse and not very recognizable. If you have dark skin and are thinking about getting a tattoo , check out our ideas and above all, look for an expert tattooist in your skin type. This tattoo made you more stylist.

best tattoo ideas

Tattoo ideas for dark skin

  1. Tribal 

This type of tattoos feel wonderful to the brunettes . They are usually made using black and gray inks and also have clear and strong lines that make them much more defined in this type of skin. Choose your tribal carefully depending on whether you are looking for a symbol of protection or one that represents the passage to adult life, for example. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Names 

Tattooing the names of your family and friends may be a good idea for darker skins. However, keep in mind that in this case the tattoo has to be large so that the letters are well distinguished, so look for an area of ​​the body where you can wear it as you deserve. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Flores 

They look better in black and white, with gradients of gray to give them volume and texture. If you want the flowers to be very colorful, it will be more difficult to achieve and you will have to find an expert in this technique. The large bunches of flowers on the back and shoulders, for example, look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Geometric

By having clear and well-defined lines , as long as they are not too thin, they are suitable for dark skins. Avoid combining too many different shapes in a single tattoo and opt for simpler forms that look better. For example, a tattoo with the different phases with a schematic design will look great. It is one of the best tattoo ideas.

  1. Animals

If you want to wear a tattoo with your favorite animal , go ahead. The only thing you have to take into account when choosing the design with your tattoo artist is the color and size. As we have already said, it is better that you choose a black and white drawing that is large. That way it will look much better. It is one of the best tattoo ideas. Find more ideas like this in here- The Style Tribune

English style

English style, deciphering British fashion

We all dream of getting out of the English style, adopting the codes of British fashion with its freedom and extravagance. But what fascinates us so much among English fashionistas? Decryption.

What is English fashion?

English style

From punk-rock to the elegance of a beige trench, the English dress style oscillates from one extreme to another. British fashion differs in its singularity and lack of rules. No forbidden color combinations or prints to avoid. And since fashion rhymes with comfort, sneakers, loafers, and boots with big heels are the essentials of an English dressing room.

To dress like an English girl, the key is to revisit the great classics like the trench and twister them with rock pieces like black vinyl pants, biker boots or a message t-shirt. To adopt the British look, we dare, simply. A leather mini-skirt, sequined socks slipped into sandals, a pea print mixed with tartan … the possibilities are endless.

Among the star pieces of English fashion, there is the mini skirt, created by the British designer Mary Quant. A true symbol of the emancipation of women in the 60s, the mini-skirt is still today an essential of the English look.

Like the undeniable trench that has crossed the ages and styles, without ever having a wrinkle. Demonstrated by Burberry, the trench has seen all the colors over the years: pink and red vinyl, khaki suede, patent leather … he reigns supreme at each parade of the English house.

The Burberry plaid print has also become the symbol of the English wardrobe, on the lining of a trench, on a purse or a scarf, the tiles signed Burberry have everyone agree.

The iconic creators of English fashion

The British high sewing adopted the same codes: revisiting the classics to make the sauce. During the last Fashion Week, we saw iconic pieces of the English style. The trench coat, raincoat or plaid prints in the style of Christopher Kane, Christopher Bailey or JW Anderson.

Victoria Beckham offers a sleek and elegant version of the English women’s wardrobe. Impeccable cuts, noble materials, and trendy colors, the British designer highlights the British chic in each of its silhouettes.

On the other side of the spectrum,  Vivienne Westwood alone represents the eccentricity of the English dress style. Each of his parades is a hodgepodge of innovative cuts and eclectic prints, all crowned with a zest of madness. One thing is certain, the designer is honoring her nickname: the terrible child of fashion. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

A strong advocate of animal welfare and the environment, Stella McCartney has made a name for herself in the world of fashion. No leather or animal fur in her collection, she shows that animals are not in the service of fashion.

If there is a name to remember from the latest London Fashion Week, it is that of Mary Katrantzou, a Greek fashion designer who climbs. After working in interior design, she tackles the world of fashion with a unique style. On its autumn-winter 2018 parade, we find the codes of a warm decoration between quilted leather and prints inspired by English tapestries.

Influential personalities of the English style

The craze around the outfits worn by Kate Middleton gave rise to the “Kate Middleton Effect”. Immediately worn by Kate, immediately out of stock! The brand of clothing for pregnant women, Seraphine saw its sales explode after dressing the princess for her looks of pregnancy.

If there is today a “Kate Middleton Effect”, there was also a “Kate Moss Effect”. We all remember the look of Kate Moss at the Glastonbury festival. Jeans micro-shorts and black rubber boots on the feet. Hitherto shunned, the rubber boots Hunter become a must-have accessory of the year 2005. The twig is a true trendsetter. To his credit: Coach’s dinosaur sweater, skinny jeans, leopard print … We copy all Kate’s eyes closed!

In the it-girls English section, Alexa Chung is in the lead with Cara Delevingne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jourdan Dunn. His mastery of the preppy look straight out of an episode of Gossip Girl earned him the prize for “best style” in 2011 and 2012, during the British Fashion Awards. Mid-chic, half-grunge, Alexa Chung does not hesitate to mix prints for unique looks to the key.

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catwalk trends

Ideas for sewing this spring’s catwalk trends

There are so many exciting new styles in fashion this season. Many people will be pleased to get out of their cosy winter clothes and dream of sunnier days ahead. How about making yourself some new clothes at a fraction of the price that you would pay in the major high street and designer shops? When creating your own clothes, concentrate on practical designs for every day, not zany, high fashions that no one except models on the catwalk would wear.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Let’s look at the major players for this year’s spring and summer looks.

Pastel Shades

This feminine look is always popular. Plain and printed silky dressmaking fabric is widely available in crepe and satin. Popular colours that work well with these fabrics are green, ivory and silver. Try the ruched look as an alternative to plain styles.

Formal Denim

This fabric has never gone out of fashion and can be used for dressing smart and casual styles alike. There are so many different shades of denim, and the fabric can be made up into dresses, tops, jackets and skirts, as well as the classic jeans.

catwalk trends

Image Credit

Bright Colours

Bolder colours suit many people and are on trend. Cotton jersey and crepe dressmaking fabric is easy to sew into stunning outfits. For those who are confident enough to carry off this look, it is particularly effective if used for the whole outfit; otherwise, bright colours can be teamed with neutral shades and denim.

Pencil Skirts

This is another classic, and many fabric options are available in terms of colours and prints. You can even find fringed material. Take a look at http://www.quality-fabrics.co.uk/dressmaking-fabrics-14-c.asp to see some fabric options.


If you missed out on trying some of the more daring sleeve trends last year, it is not too late to jump on the bandwagon with this trend as it shows no signs of fading away. There are many patterns available for at least four different styles of sleeves that can be made in fabrics such as cotton lawn and gingham. Sleeve fabrics are also available from #http://www.libertylondon.com/uk/department/fabric/cotton-tana-lawn/.

Tropical and Flower Prints

Finally, for those who like the really bold look, these fabrics are definitely still very much on trend. Not all of the patterns are big; there are small florals and some subtler, pastel shades. Polyester jersey sews up beautifully into wrap-style dresses. Continue Reading  Fashion lingerie for autumn: fall for the fall-inspired fashion…!!