The Best Place to Get Small Ladies Shoes

The Best Place to Get Small Ladies Shoes

Women with small feet are in a fashion crossroad. As a matter of fact, half the time, most of them wish to have larger or at least average shoe size. They scourge the malls and their favorite fashion boutiques, eager to get a new pair of small ladies shoes for a coming party that they will attend. After searching through racks for hours, they see a pair that they want only to find out that it does not come in smaller sizes? Have you ever felt the same?

small ladies shoes

Many brands, understand the frustrations of these women and thus, feel the need to create small ladies shoes.  If you are blessed with small feet, one of the best places to get shoes that will fit you is through online shopping sites. Yes, you read it right. Nowadays, a lot of brands offer small ladies shoes that will not only suit your fashion sense but your budget as well. Keep reading

One of the main reasons why you need to consider getting your small ladies shoes online is the wide arrange of styles available to you. In a single page, you can easily see all the shoe styles – from stilettos, ballerina flats, espadrilles, top-siders or boat shoes, and even sneakers for the sporty girls. Most stores cannot easily bring back an old style. Online stores can easily re-stock once their customers demand a particular shoe style from them and in different colors and designs too. Continue reading 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace.

Aside from the wide bevy of shoe styles and designs, you may also take advantage of online sales that are not usually available in stores. There are websites that offer great deals that allow you to save money. So instead of buying a pair, you may be able to get two pairs for the price of one – that is a pretty good steal. You can use the savings to buy another pair of small ladies shoes for a loved one as well.

Getting small ladies shoes online also saves you a lot of time and effort because you can purchase your shoes within the comfort of your own home anytime. All you need to do is to log in using your personal computer, browse the site, and purchase, purchase, purchase. Payment is also a breeze since there are online shopping sites that offer bank transfers or payments through credit cards. There is no need for you as well to brave the traffic jams, line up for a long while because, after a couple of days or so, the online store will just deliver your shoes at your doorstep.

If you are worried that you may get the wrong size, fret not. Most online shoe websites provide you with the right measurements through their standard sizing charts. Thus, women with small feet will be able to get the best shoe style that will easily fit them.

Online stores like the Dainty Feet have definitely revolutionized and changed the way people shop. Ultimately, making things easier because shopping is now only a click or two away.

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Business Casual

4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace

4 Must-Haves for the man’s wardrobe which will make business casual seem business possible.  Business casual being defined as not dress down with sneakers, t-shirts, and jeans; no but rather clothing appropriate for work which doesn’t suit and tie attire. Clothing makes the man and in some environments, it can make the difference in achieving a promotion, getting to lead prestige accounts or manage multi-million dollar projects.  Dressing the part can be done affordably, with style and finesse.  Check out these 5 “must-haves” for the office.

Business Casual

Here are 4 tips for Business Casual for the Workplace:

Nothing says business casual better for men than chinos.  Chinos make an outfit pop.  They are comfortable, breathable and thinkable meaning an individual can think of them.  Great ideas are inevitable in a pair of Chinos. Think Chinos & Suspenders.  Generally, chinos are 100% cotton which means that they have a certain amount of giving. They come in Slim, Straight Leg and Boot-Cut.  They come in a variety of shades but the most popular in the office is Khakis.

Chinos can be a compliment by the shirt worn.  The look depends on what you may be going for a business casual or business casual upgraded.   Dress that business casual outfit up with a cuff-linked shirt which allows the wearer to accentuate their outfit with the expression of the cuff more visibly noticed in a business casual environment.  One could also wear a nice business casual shirt which comes in a variety of colors.  Best bet would be to go for a non-iron button up which has a blend which makes it well suited for business casual attire. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Neckwear is an option in a business casual environment one can don a bow-tie or a straight-time but the bow-tie look is making a comeback!  These are available as self-tied or ready tied. There are many videos available which teach tying techniques to make your selection standout among your peers.

Classic casual shoes like penny loafers, boat shoes and loafers still rule the workplace and are made in eye catching styles and colors.  Work trainers, brogue shoes, and Wingtip derby shoes are other casual alternates that make a statement.  Always remember that your career is predicated on the choices made by the decisions made with respect to workwear.  The best bet is to be fashionably conservative over a hip. Work it!

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fashion lingerie

Fashion lingerie for autumn: fall for the fall-inspired fashion…!!

“And the fall is around the corner to keep the virile men fall for the hot ladies and to keep the sexy ladies fall for their seductive lingerie.”  With the stunning appearance of rains, there has been a growth in the craze towards the arrival of the autumn season. Women who are more attracted towards the contemporary world and who usually change their moods with the changing seasons, do keep their fashion updated accordingly. This current blog will revolve around the fall-inspired fashion lingerie for women who keep worth in making themselves look at their best, or feel to the best of their sexiness and give their best shots in each of the changing trends in the world of fashion and comfort. So, let us make a read on how and what to put on under the dress, this autumn!

fashion lingerie

How to choose Fashion lingerie for autumn?

Focus on the color that matches the fall season:

“Moods changes with the changing season!” It is very much true our dresses reflect our mood and it is also obvious every season has its own color for the changing mood in any woman. Every season has its own charm and own way to make things look unique. Coming to the autumn- appropriate colors which you can look for your innerwear, look for the floral fever! Choose some lingerie that is light in color, inspires you with its authenticity of simplicity and naturalism. Go for the colors that grow in you the sensation for a kind of pure care and protection from nature. Light blue, shadow grey, yellow, peach colored or brownish orange colored inner apparel would make you feel the real autumn shower. Continue reading A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Fabrics that seduce you this autumn:

Fabrics used in the lingerie must be kept a watch for; as it the clothed that make you excite or hamper your special mood. Try inner-wear that would actually help you feel the real pleasured fall. Go for the sheer fabrics; add a combination of sensation and tradition and that would make you feel the real bliss of wearing something really sexy. A fine knitwear that is light enough to carry during the fall, is a worth putting under the dress. It must be kept in mind not to entertain heavy fabrics in autumn and keep everything look and feel light yet seductive.

Prints and pattern that excites the fall:

Now just imagine your designed dream coming true in a wonderful way with amazing presentation. Fall is a season that can make your dream look real and make your reality look as beautiful as the dream. So, diving down to the fashion lingerie prints and patterns; make you special looks be in you that unique to be inspiring others. Go for the subtle prints, the exclusively designed shadow pattern and something real clean & alluring that would enhance the inner feelings of the autumn’s message. Go for the floral prints in your chemise, or the sweet babydolls, look for passionate printed bras and panties or any of the underwear that keeps you soft and fascinating in the season of fascination.

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A Wardrobe Revision for fashion lover

A Wardrobe Revision: First Steps

Although I’m not a fashion blogger, I do love fashion. A little-known fact is that I almost went to fashion design school at RISD instead of attending College in Florida. Although my career path took a much different turn to professional blogger, I’m still interested in making a statement with my clothing. Of course, if you know me this is rarely the case. I’m usually wearing the same t-shirts, sweaters, scarves, and jeans. Turns out that’s actually not an exaggeration.

When we moved to Conway around six months ago, I put all of my clothing into their new homes and turned the hangers backward. Now that I’ve gone through three seasons of clothing, I can tell what I haven’t worn in some time. Almost all of my clothes are still on hangers turned backward. Turns out, I wear the same six or seven items over and over again. We’re not even talking outfits here—just pieces of clothing! I wear 3 pairs of jeans, a handful of shirts, and two sweaters. And I wear them over and over again.

Why is this? Trying on a favorite pair of jeans I haven’t worn since last year was a rude awakening. “Woah, girl. What is going on here?!” While I’m making moves to change my eating habits and incorporate exercise into my life again, the truth is that I need to rehaul my whole wardrobe. Most of what I own doesn’t fit my lifestyle or how I see myself today. But how do I start?

How To Revamp Your Wardrobe

Step One: Learning What You Like and What Works

I love girly basics. Brightly colored simple pieces attract my attention. I adore dresses, heels, and pearls—the ultra-feminine. If you take a look at my ever-popular Pinterest board of fashion, you can see a definite trend. Blair Waldorf’s costuming was and is my fashion jam. I’m a professional adult right now and see myself as someone to be reckoned with—my clothes aren’t conveying that statement. In fact, I probably look like a little bit of a schmuck.

Part of the problem is that when I think of myself and my body, I don’t think of what I really look like. I’m curvy but, for whatever reason, my brain is stuck on the bone-thin girl I was in high school. A lot of things in my closet, from years ago, fit a body two or three bodies ago and just don’t work for my shape anymore. When I do buy new things, I often picture someone else’s body wearing them instead of mine. Not good for finding the right things!

What works for me? Nipped waists, very minimal amount of embellishments, and long lines to make me look taller and more balanced. Read more A Day in an Online Business Owner’s Life

Step Two: Assess Your Closet

So now that I know what I’m shooting for, I can take an analytic eye to my current clothing. By looking at my clothing from a perspective of what looks good on me, I can get a better grip on my wardrobe. Things should fit my figure and meet the quality standards I set for myself. I’m a hardworking, go-getting young woman and my clothing should reflect that. Clothing that doesn’t say that is going bye-bye.

Step Three: Start Planning

Of course, I can’t buy everything in the world. I need to budget and get more use out of what’s left in my wardrobe, which takes a bit of planning. I need to take stock of what I have, what outfits I need, and what is missing. In the planning stage, I need to think about my actual life and routines and what will work—not just some idea of what my life should be like.

I’ll check back in and let you know how I’m doing after completing these first steps!

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Have you rehauled your own wardrobe? What did you find the most challenging?