Six coats for all occasions

It is impossible to choose one coat to suit all possible eventualities in life. Six essential coats, for all occasions, will keep you right, whatever the weather.

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According to The Sun newspaper, the average man living in the UK has only three work
outfits in his wardrobe so it makes sense to select six quality and versatile coats that will stand the test of time and enlarge your wearable wardrobe. Lyle & Scott jackets are a good option for classic and contemporary looks.

Smart wool coat

A long-length wool coat can work for both the office and the weekend. Dress it up or down, a good quality wool coat will keep the wind out and keep you warm. Not ideal for the rain, but a nice umbrella can make a great accessory.

Body warmer

Keep your core body warm with a down body warmer or gilet. Perfect for layering under an overcoat as without the extra bulk, your arm movement won’t be restricted.

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Puffer jacket

A puffer jacket is perfect for colder days. Warm and cosy, like wearing a duvet, this jacket will become your go-to when you leave the house. If you are after the brand Lyle & Scott jackets available include a versatile, black lightweight puffer jacket.


A contemporary take on a classic mac works for both the office and weekend. You can layer easily with a light fleece gilet, and it is lightweight enough to carry if needed.

Bomber jacket

Lyle & Scott jackets can offer a good choice when it comes to choosing a classic bomber jacket to see you through warmer spring days to the end of the autumn. Versatile and easy to wear, a bomber jacket will complete your look.


The design and colour combinations are endless for a parka coat. A parka is a hooded, versatile coat for colder days that will give you some protection in a shower.

By choosing six different coats you’ll look great in a finished outfit and be ready for every occasion. By choosing classic designs, you will be able to ride through any fashion trends, allowing you to invest in quality clothing that will work at both the office and weekend.


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