3 Tips To a Healthier Summer Season

It’s summertime, which means that in most of the United States, it’s the most accessible time of year for outdoor activities and resolutions to pick up a new exercise habit. If you’re looking to make this warm season your turning point toward a healthier lifestyle, here are three habits you can cultivate that will help you carry on through the next cold season without losing progress.

1. Embrace the Flavor of the Season

A diet high in fruits and vegetables is healthier and leads to better long-term health outcomes according to widespread medical consensus. There isn’t even any controversy around the idea, although there is a lot of debate about the best vegetables for a nutrient-rich diet. Make a point of sampling in-season veggies from local sources to enjoy low-cost healthy eating this summer, and by fall you’ll be in the habit of looking for produce whenever you’ve got an urge to snack. From there, it’s just a matter of staying on top of things when you transition back to the grocery store.

2. Make Harm-Reducing Recreational Choices

Sometimes, risky choices are just part of getting what you need out of life. There’s still a lot to be said for minimizing risk, though. That’s why people wear helmets on motorcycles and seat belts when off-roading. It’s also why it might be a good idea to make a conscious choice to vape instead of smoking. There are a lot of choices out there from shops like smokingthings.com to make the transition more convenient. It’s lower impact when you’re out and about, too, so you can relax and enjoy yourself in more places.

3. Make the Choice To Walk

Walking for at least thirty minutes a day and reaching about 10,000 steps over the course of the day are both recommended for a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes it’s hard to make that happen. While the weather is good, you can get in the habit of getting your exercise by choosing to walk to local restaurants and pubs, convenience stores, and in some places even the season’s outdoor concerts. Make a point of choosing to use your feet for transportation all summer and you’ll find yourself getting restless for a good walk even when it’s cold out. Walking can give you time to unwind and mentally decompress between leaving home and arriving someplace, too, so it is a good way to transition into or out of high energy environments.

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