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Is a cruiser bike good for exercise?

A cruiser bike is a bicycle designed for casual everyday riding. When you are not interested in becoming a professional rider, the cruiser bike is the best choice. For exercise, a cruiser bike can be a great ride. Read on for more information about whether a cruiser would work as an exercise machine to get in shape. You may also like to read what is the best cruiser bike?

Is a cruiser bike good for exercise?

Cruiser bikes are good for casual exercise. It’s perfect to go to the store at the corner, go around town or get in shape while doing something you love.

The first advantage is that it fits anyone. The bikes are not built for racing or speed. Instead, they are made to accommodate your comfort and position. You can start with a cruiser and then switch to different bikes when you feel like it.

The second advantage is the design. Cruisers are designed to be easy and stable so that anyone can ride them. They do not have gear systems or several speeds, which means no more struggling with changing gears while climbing hills or against strong winds.

You can get in shape while going from one place to another within the town or just around the neighborhood. Riding a bike has been considered ideal for adding some fun and excitement to your daily exercise routine.

Cruiser bikes are a perfect and safe choice even if you have no experience in cycling so far. Perfect for casual rides, they do not require great skill to ride them.

So it is true that a cruiser bike can be beneficial as long as your main purpose is to get in shape. There are no racing propositions to gain or hill climbs to do. Ride your bike at your own pace and enjoy!

While there is no doubt that riding a cruiser bike is a great way to get in shape, it’s not the only way. With all its advantages described above, there is a downside for this choice as well. Cruisers are not very good at going uphill simply because of their design.

Also, cruising at a comfortable speed where you can enjoy the scenery and stay away from traffic accidents is a more relaxed way of cycling that does not help to improve your fitness level as much as racing on a road bike or other sports choices.

For people who are not interested in racing or fitness activities, a cruiser is the best choice. But if you want to get faster and challenge yourself feel free to choose whichever bike you like. You can do it for fun or make biking your regular exercise routine.

There are several reasons why riding a cruiser bike for exercise is a great idea. Not only can you take advantage of its comfortable design and enjoy getting in shape, but also you will stay safe because the best cruiser bikes have bright front and backlights equipped with batteries that will last for several hours.

If you’re still not sure whether a cruiser would work as an exercise machine to get in shape, please remember that one of the biggest advantages is that you can use it for casual rides around town or to go anywhere nearby. You do not need to worry about changing gears if your neighborhood is very hilly. Just enjoy the scenery and ride at your own pace!

So, in a nutshell, is a cruiser bike good for exercise? The answer is yes! There are several things to love about riding a cruiser. You can go anywhere within the town or just around the neighborhood and enjoy the scenery at your own pace.

Tips: Hardtail Vs Full Suspension Which One Is The Best?

Hardtail Vs Full Suspension Which One Is the Best?

Today we’re going to be talking about the difference between a hardtail and full-suspension bikes. Let’s get right into it so what is a hardtail and full-suspension bike.

A hardtail is basically just a bike with a shock in the front and nothing has any suspensions in the back.

The Suspension is going to have a shock in the back and front so just extra absorption over rocks and roots.

Trail Application

The hardtail versus full suspension debate is predominantly in the cross country and trail market.

If you’re looking for a downhill or enduro bike, you’re almost exclusively going to be looking at a full-suspension bike because on balance they’re probably a little bit faster.

When it comes to cross-country and trail bikes however there are some very enticing options both in terms of hardtails and full suspension best beach cruiser bikes.


The most fundamental difference between the two obviously is that a full-suspension bike has suspension for the front and rear wheel whereas a hardtail has it for the front, not the rear.

Firstly, I’m going to advocate for the full-suspension trail bike because this is a bike that you’re most likely to see at your local trails.

The reason behind having a full suspension bike isn’t really for comfort although it does help with that as the bike travels over rough ground obviously the wheels move up and down conforming to the trail over roots and rocks.

The suspension is there to remove those forces from both the pedals and handlebars and this means that you get a smoother ride.

keeping your ties in contact with the ground means better steering better traction and ultimately better braking and this leads to better control.

If you have better control you can therefore go faster or ride safer. So, the hardtail then doesn’t have this rear suspension helping keep the rear wheel in contact with the ground and this, therefore, means that there are less control and more bumpiness on rougher terrain. You may also like to read Top 5 Mongoose mountain bike 2022.


The main difference between them obviously is the frame and this accounts for the roughly 1300 pounds this one being cheaper and also the roughly 1.5-kilo weight difference too and this is something that you’ll generally see across most white Bruns ranges.

However, the debate between hardtails and full suspension really starts at about a thousand-pound mark for a thousand pounds you can get some great full suspension bikes and some really good hardtails too but below that, I would probably argue that pound for pound the hardtails is going to have a far better spec.

There are two different types of trail one steep rough loose routine rocky and then another lot smoother with some nice berms and some little fly-off jumps and two different but similar bikes both aggressive trail bikes.

you’d expect the full-suspension bike really excels when things got lumpy gnarly rocky and rooty the amount of grip and the compliance from the back end meant I felt faster I felt safer and had a lot of fun when it got steep.

Then here on this faster smoother trail a hardtail really came into its own. The direct connection between the trail and the rider felt real nice.

Then there’s a snap in us out of the corner it feels great when you can sprint and get that speed immediately.

Finally, when you pick that right line and it goes smooth it’s an amazing feeling.

So, having spent a whole day jumping between hotels and full surfs on rough and smooth trails I think the biggest defining features to which I would choose actually depends on the trail.

So, think about what you’re gonna ride most and go from there what’s certain though is that if you

pick a nice bike with some good kit. On there you’re guaranteed to have fun and that is the most important thing.

At about a thousand-pound mark for a thousand pounds you can get some great full suspension bikes. and some really good hardtails too.


Hopefully, this article helps you choose your new bike or just learn about bikes.  If you like this comment down below and just give me a thumbs up and you can share the site.

If you want to learn more biking tips check OutdoorXsports for more bike-related information posts.

best outdoor activities

The best outdoor activities to motivate employees

Every company should know that the motivation of its workers is a fundamental aspect that can affect both in a positive and negative way the performance of a worker, in the same way, that it is related to his commitment and loyalty to the company of which he is employed. We share some best outdoor activities to motivate employees.

Motivating workers will be vital in order to build a  quality work team and make the organization achieve its objectives and the best results more easily. The employee motivation process can be carried out through continuous training through congresses, workshops or online courses that will make workers more skilled. But also through incentives or salary increases.

Instagram marketing tools

7 Effective techniques to sell by Instagram marketing tools

Currently, Instagram has established itself as the second social network with the highest growth rate. You can use Instagram marketing tools to sell products or services among the 900 million users or more of it.

Unlike Facebook, this social network does not allow an unlimited number of links to bring traffic to your e-commerce or web, but it is an essential tool to sell to the millennial generation.

According to the latest statistics, the predominant age range among Instagram users is between 18 and 24 years old, a generation of potential customers with a high predisposition to purchase.

Include Instagram marketing tools for your sales strategy

Totally, with the techniques and tools that I will comment on any small or large company can sell via Instagram and increase the client portfolio.

He thinks that 85 million photos and almost 4000 million likes are moved every day and almost half of the users follow companies.

Before selling

These are some points to keep in mind before creating a sales strategy with this social network:

  • You already have created a company profile. Now you simply have to check a box> options> change to the company profile> associate profile with Facebook fan page
  • You publish regularly with images of your service and product
  • And you have optimized the profile with the appropriate description and a link to your online store, blog or web
  • You know what your star product is

With these complete premises, you can start the following techniques to increase the number of sales with a winning strategy, although I recommend that you first use techniques to gain followers on Instagram and have a greater reach.

Instagram marketing tools

Instagram Shopping

This modality, newly integrated into the algorithm is available in 8 countries. Through the Instagram marketing tools, you can tag the photos of the products and add the price. In this way when the user clicks on the label it will go directly to your e-commerce.

This changes the rules of the game because as I said at the beginning it is not possible to put links in each publication, only in the general description of the biography.

To be able to use shopping you have to fulfill several things:

  • Company profile
  • Virtual store of your property
  • Integration of products via Facebook
  • Updated version of Instagram
  • More than 8 publications made


Surely you know Instagram celebrities who move thousands of followers. These figures known as “people who influence others” are the perfect tool to take your business to another level.

Although Instagram is characterized as a platform where interaction is up to 4 times greater than Facebook when an influencer promotes your service or product, you get several things:

  • Increase the number of followers of your profile
  • Qualified public new
  • Possibility of being a trend
  • Growing customer confidence and your online reputation

To negotiate with an influencer you can directly contact and adjust a price or use platforms where you can hire them as:

  • Publisuites
  • SocialPubli
  • Niche

Contests, raffles and hashtags trend

A strategy that has always worked to move people are contests and draws. These types of publications are regularly seen on Facebook, although Instagram also works perfectly.

The creation of these events does not imply direct sales, but it does increase followers, potential customers and online visibility.

The best thing of all is the interaction of the users and the filter to detect qualified users who wish to obtain “free” your service or product.

You can use original phrases accompanying the photo or video to get more attention from the user, so the interaction will increase, increasing the reach.

The hashtags

In Instagram marketing tools, hashtags are the labels that users add in each publication. These tags group all the contents that users make under those hashtags.

By adding hashtags trending topic of the moment increases the visibility of the promotion or publication reaching more users and improving the sale from Instagram.

You can not define a perfect number of hashtags since each theme is different. It is advisable to investigate the type and quantity of labels that your competition adds to publications or references in your sector.

Instagram stories

This feature that Instagram developers added to the application allows you to connect better with your followers.

It is about creating a real-time message in video or photo format, and it also allows you to add filters, drawings and emojis to accompany the content.

After sharing your story you can follow up to evaluate the result and see the engagement or interaction you have had with your followers.

A very effective combination is to combine Instagram stories with an influence. In this way, the effect is viral and the visibility of your product and service increases exponentially.

If you want to share content different from the rest, you can use tools like Boomerang, Hyperlapse or the famous Rewind to create effects that attract more attention to the user.

Advertising via Facebook

Investing in advertising effectively is the basis for any sales strategy. In Instagram marketing tools you can also advertise through personalized ads.

To know what type of advertising you should do you can follow this simple checklist, although you will have to test several formats to discover the most efficient:

  • Check the ads of your competition, type of text, comments, effects on the photos, etc…
  • Experiment with formats using different photography tools
  • Do not forget the biography link
  • Hire a copyrighter to have texts that sell
  • Also, use the video format

In order to create ads on Instagram marketing tools, you simply have to connect with your Facebook account and personalize the ad from the power editor.

Do not forget to make a good definition of your audience, use the corresponding hashtags and of course analyze the final results.

Extra tip: to increase the scope of this payment publication you can create somewhat controversial news of the moment to look for the virality. You must be careful if you create too much controversy because it could damage your personal brand, for example, politics, religion, etc.

Direct sales tools

Currently, there are specific tools on the market to sell from Instagram with an interface similar to the social network. They are platforms that synchronize with your account and have a similar aspect, in this way the potential client accesses a portal very similar to Instagram facilitating the purchase.

You just have to create a profile in these applications and you can automatically sell as if you had an online store connected to your Instagram account.

These are the best known:

Inselly: allows you to upload files of your products and tag the publications with #inselly so that the customer responds #soldtome in the articles that have interest.

Photoslurp: this tool connects with your profile feed that integrates a link that you must put in your bio to take the user to a sales page where all the tabs of your products will be.


With these techniques, you have no excuse to sell products and services using Instagram marketing tools, take advantage of the potential of this social network that does not stop growing to get sales in your business.

You can also contact Instagram at any time to request information about your account or any problem that may arise, the technical service is excellent.

sport injury

How to get back into sport after an injury

If you love to stay active and enjoy taking part in sports, you will understand how frustrating it can be when you suffer an injury. Having an injury can mean you are unable to play the sports you love for a significant period; even when you are fit again, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things. Here are some tips on getting back into the habit.

sport injury

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See a doctor

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish between something such as a pulled muscle, which will heal by itself, and something more serious. It is always wise to visit a doctor and get a diagnosis so that you have proper care and take the right amount of time to heal. Continuing to play sports while injured could mean you make the injury even worse.

Know where you went wrong

After an injury, many people become wary of playing again. This is often because they are unsure exactly how the injury happened. Understanding how the injury occurred is the best way of avoiding it happening again. Ask a professional to watch you play and pinpoint where you are going wrong. You could also run through some sport drill videos to strengthen the way you play before you return.

sport injury

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Prepare your body

You are far more likely to get hurt if you are not taking the time to prepare your body properly before playing sport. Firstly, food is fuel – you need this fuel for energy. If you are trying to take part when you are underfed and tired, you are going to make mistakes. Secondly, it is important to warm up and stretch before doing any kind of physical exercise to protect yourself from pulling or tearing muscles. Some great drills and warm-up exercises are available from resources such as

Don’t give up

Suffering an injury can be really disheartening, but this does not mean you should give up. Continue to build up your strength, physically and mentally, in preparation for your return. Ask your doctor for advice on supplements that may help you to recover quickly and avoid anything that could cause additional inflammation, such as alcohol and sugar. When you are ready to re-join the sporting world, take it a day at a time and don’t push yourself too far.