Alex Hirsch net worth

Alex Hirsch net worth, childhood, career and success story

Alex Hirsch (California, June 18, 1985) is known for being one of the promises of the animation industry thanks to the success of his series Gravity Falls (2012). In Alex Hirsch’s biography, you will learn how he went from being a boy who was fond of mystery and television to one of the most prominent content creators.

Alex Hirsch’s childhood and the beginning of a dream

Born in Piedmont (California) on June 18, 1985, Alexander Robert Hirsch is the only male child in the Hirsch family. As a child, he shared with his older sisters, Lauren, Jessica and Katrina, but her closest bond was with her twin Ariel. When they conversed, they both used to complete each other’s sentences. You can read: Jeff Hardy Net Worth, Biography, WWE Career, Age, Height

Alex Hirsch net worth

Since childhood, Alex Hirsch was already imaginative and considered himself a nerd. He believed in supernatural beings like: ghosts and aliens. For this reason, he went out every night hoping to capture a UFO with his camera. Also, he liked to spend hours in front of the television. He was a fan of The Simpsons, the Disney series and the Late Show with David Letterman, to which he was invited in 2002 for winning the Annual Bird Calling Contest at his school (Piedmont High School) with the intention of showing his particular talent.

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Alex Hirsch net worth

When Alex Hirsch graduated from CalArts (in 2007), he attended an animator training program at Pixar. This company offered him to belong to their payroll. However, since Hirsch wanted to work for television, he rejected the offer. His net worth is estimated 3 million dollars. The event was known as Cipher Hunt (The Clave Hunt) and had global dimensions: Alex Hirsch also left clues on monuments in Russia and Japan when he visited these countries as part of a tour.

Since Alex Hirsch enjoyed unraveling mysteries, he wanted to add that element to the series: he added codes, code words and hidden symbols in the episodes so that viewers could play detective. When Alex Hirsch graduated from CalArts (in 2007), he attended an animator training program at Pixar. This company offered him to belong to their payroll. However, since Hirsch wanted to work for television, he rejected the offer.

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Alex Hirsch: Beginning of his career

Influenced by the series he watched in his childhood, Alex Hirsch decided to create his own cartoons. Because of this, he enrolled in the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). There, he had the opportunity to work on various projects and short films, including the short Off the Wall, in which Hirsch combined traditional animation techniques with live-action. Thanks to this short film, he was hired by Laika studios to work on a film in 2006. Unfortunately, the project was canceled, but his experience in the studio would be the inspiration to start writing Gravity Falls.

During 2007, Alex Hirsch worked for Cartoon Network and was reunited with his CalArts friends: JG Quintel and Pen Ward, in the project The Wonderful Misadventures of Flapjack. The three were a group of creatives who, according to Hirsch himself, had “similar ideas and dreams, which went from being children who liked animated series to producing them. ” In this series, Alex Hirsch was a storyboard writer for three years until he resigned to work at the Disney Channel where he was a writer, storyboard artist, voice actor and creative consultant for the series Pecezuelos (2010). Read now: Justin bieber feet

Alex Hirsch net worth

While Hirsch was working on this series, Disney Channel executive Mike Moon gave him the opportunity to develop his own production, the one he had envisioned since his time at Laika Studios. Hirsch’s initial concept was to make an animated series of continuous episodes in which humor and themes were entertaining for children and adults, in the style of The Simpsons. When this proposal was approved, Gravity Falls emerged.

Gravity Falls and the success ladder

Producing Gravity Falls was a challenge for Alex Hirsch: it was the first time that a cartoon of serialized chapters had been created on the Disney Channel. In addition, he was in charge of the project and took care of every detail of the production. Hirsch was not just the creator of the series but was in charge of the direction; voiced characters like Stanley Pines, Bill Clave, Soos and Old Man McGucket; he supervised every script and episode development and served as an executive producer. Know about the Ruben blades family

Various aspects of the series were based on the creator’s own life: the protagonists, the twins Dipper and Mabel Pines, are inspired by Alex’s relationship with his sister Ariel. Which are, above all, a team. Also, the town where Gravity Falls is set is a tribute to his grandparents’ cabin where he spent the summer with his twin. From them, he took his grandfather as inspiration to create Stanley Pines since he was a mysterious man who liked to tell stories. For this reason, for Alex Hirsch the evolution of the characters was important.

From the beginning of the project, Alex Hirsch had planned the outcome of Gravity Falls. His intention was that the series did not end up becoming an occasional show. That dedication, plus Disney’s creative censorship, caused production delays. For a series of forty twenty-minute chapters, it took four years to complete. However, this effort was worth it, as the series was recognized worldwide and was awarded the Annie and BAFTA Awards for Children, as the best-animated series for children in 2015.

Alex Hirsch and his fans

When Gravity Falls ended, Alex Hirsch received several messages from his fans requesting a continuation. However, he was satisfied with the result, but on July 20, 2016, he surprised his fans with a treasure hunt that consisted of deciphering the coordinates and cryptograms of an image posted by Hirsch from his Twitter, whose clues led to finding the one. Real statue of the character Bill Clave, the same one that appears after the credits in the last chapter of the series.

That same year, Alex Hirsch published Gravity Falls. Diario 3 with Rob Renzetti, and in 2018 he published the graphic novel Gravity Falls. Lost Legends, as a way to accommodate the request of his followers without damaging the essence of the series. The public received these books with enthusiasm and they turned out to be great bestsellers.

Already successful and living his dream, Alex Hirsch has used his fame and art for charity work. In 2016, through a live broadcast, Hirsch, along with other cartoonists, carried out the Drawathon, a dynamic that consisted of drawing requests from those fans who would financially support the institution Planned Parenthood (Family Planning). In 2017, it used this same dynamic to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas, and in 2018, the Raices Foundation (The Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services), which is responsible for offering free legal aid to refugee immigrants.

After Gravity Falls

Alex Hirsch’s career in the animation industry had only just begun. He continued as a voice actor for series such as Phineas and Ferb, Galaxia Wander, and Rick and Morty. In addition, he collaborated as a creative advisor for the development of the script for the films Spiderman: a new universe (2018) and Detective Pikachu (2019). In 2018 he made the decision to quit Disney and work for Netflix under an exclusive contract.

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