The Evolution of Car Manufacturing

Cars have become a necessity in the modern world. Nowadays, the vast majority of households in the UK will have at least one car, many have two, millions of new cars are produced every year around the world.

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To get from the factory to the road, cars need to be constructed. Modern cars are full of lots of high-tech gadgets, and as technology evolves, more and more features are being added to cars to make life easier and safer for the driver.

So just what goes into making a car? Well, this is something that has been evolving since way back at the beginning of the 20th Century. In fact, many people know that modern cars are made on a production line, which allows each job to be done efficiently and quickly. However, this is not anything new – the American company Ford (owned of course by Henry Ford) is the first company that really took this idea and turned it into what we know of the car assembly line today.

In 1908, the model T Ford was proudly unveiled, and was also something that was produced on a production line – it was claimed that this was a machine which could be built in less than two hours! It was such an effective method, that the structure of this production line idea, done for the first time over a Century ago, is still in many parts used today by car manufacturers around the world.

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Of course, nowadays, we have all sorts of modern technologies – some improve the life of the car and its parts, like this nickel composites treatments like this and others can make a production line even more efficient.

Robots are used in many car factories nowadays in order to ensure that the process is done to a high standard. This is something that was controversial when it first arrived, as many people lost their jobs and there was a fear that many others would lose jobs to robots over the coming years.

However, this is not the case for all of the parts of car manufacturing, and even in this modern era, there are still many jobs in the car manufacturing process that need a human to do them, such as the paintwork, and some car companies pride themselves on the fact that their cars are entirely made by human hands, with no robots involved!

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