How to transform your first “Fixer Upper” Home

With the financial economy in such a precarious position, mortgage rates rising and house prices at an all-time high, many first-time buyers are investing their money into a “Fixer Upper” Home.  Not many couples can afford to purchase a property that’s “Move in Ready” so are having to be prepared to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into transforming a run down, unloved house into a beautiful new Home. After the flooring has been replaced the next big project to complete would probably be the kitchen, as long as the old cabinets are sturdy enough then a total Kitchen Refurb can be completed.  A cost-effective and quick solution to replacing a worn out, much used kitchen that is no longer fit for purpose.

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Without having to remove the cabinets will save replacing all the flooring, and exchanging broken handles, chipped counter-tops and other worn-out accessories will make a massive difference to the overall aesthetic appeal and character of your new kitchen. The money you save by having a complete Kitchen Refurb rather than replacing absolutely everything will enable you to start your next piece of the “Doer Upper” puzzle.

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The bathroom and bedrooms are logically next to be tackled and there are many ways to save money along the way.  There are plenty of second-hand furniture stores or you can ask relatives and friends if they have anything you can have for now until your financial situation is more secure.

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