Where does Marble come from

One of the most decorative and beautiful to look at stone works is that of marble.  marble has always been a popular building material when it comes to luxury and distinguished buildings.  In the 1980s it was not uncommon to find a completely marble clad reception of some very powerful business or financial institution.  You’ll still see marble used quite a lot especially when it comes to flooring and also in gardens and even in some official public buildings. In many instances these are Marble Tiles from suppliers like irwintiles.ie/marble-stone-tiles.

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Marble is a hard substance that usually comes from a mixture of sedimentary rock,  usually a combination of limestone and dolomite stone.  These stones have been folded and moulded through the centuries by the extreme pressure of the Earth and volcanic activity.  They have formed together to create a crystalline white surface. Marble is particularly prevalent around the mediterranean, which is why civilizations such as the Greeks and Romans utilised it to such devastating effect.  it was easy to see the splendour of Rome and how it was able to dwarf other civilisations and empires building’s.

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Today we still gain most of our marble from quarries and mountains in Italy.  However this is not the only place where marble can be gained.  Huge reserves of the stone have been found deep within the mountains of Canada.  There are vast underground mines where huge blocks of marble are carved from the rock and transported up to the surface.  In Italy you are more likely to see open cast mining.

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