Why invest in real wool clothing

Transform your wardrobe and enjoy a new collection of pieces created from real wool.

Wool is a natural fibre which comes from the fleece of sheep and other animals such as goats and rabbits. It is an excellent insulator, which means it can keep you warm in winter and cool during the hotter months. Real wool items also help your body maintain a comfortable temperature.

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Soft, comfortable and sustainable

Wool is soft and comfortable to wear and it doesn’t irritate the skin. Raising sheep for wool can be done in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner, and many farmers around the country use ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

They are quality pieces that are made to last

High-quality wool pieces are well known for their longevity. They can withstand daily wear and tear, and with care, the clothing can last for years. This makes them a cost-effective investment and they can be worn time and time again.

Real wool clothing helps guard against odours

Wool has natural antimicrobial properties, and this helps to keep bad odours at bay. You can wear your wool garments for extended periods without worrying about unpleasant smells.

Classic style that is timeless and elegant

Wool clothing often has a classic and timeless style, and you can dress up or down whatever the occasion. A real wool sweater or cardigan makes a versatile addition to your clothing collection.

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Wool guards against the cold weather

A real wool sweater will keep you cosy in winter, and you can team it with a smart jacket or coat for a formal occasion or a work event. Real Simple has some tips on how to dress comfortably for the colder season.

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Supporting sustainable business practices

Don’t forget too, that investing in real wool clothing can support local businesses and sustainable agricultural practices. While real wool clothing can be more expensive, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.

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