How DBS checks work

DBS checks are undertaken for anyone who is being employed or working voluntarily in a role that might see them working with children or vulnerable adults. They are a way of checking that a person is suitable to work in the position they have applied for. The checks are another form of KYC like that offered by companies like

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DBS checks, or Disclosure and Barring Service checks, are undertaken by agencies that have registered to do so. They can also be undertaken directly by employers. The checks involve the individual giving some basic details about themselves such as their name, address and date of birth as well as their national insurance number. The checks also require them to provide proof of identity and proof of address with copies of official documents such as passports and driving licences and letters from utility companies.

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The application form is then sent off to the DBS service who will process the application. During this process they will search to see whether the individual in the application has any criminal convictions or warnings. If they do, these will be reported on the results report that is sent to the original business or agency that required the application. The results of this are then taken into consideration when the company decides whether it is appropriate or not to continue with the individual’s employment. It means that companies can employ people safely in the knowledge that everything is above board.

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