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The Latin American public saw her grow up on the television screen. Who does not remember Rayito de Sol or Vivan Los Niños? soap operas that made Danna Paola (June 23, 1995) one of the most beloved Mexican actresses. Danna Paola’s biography includes various disciplines such as singing, acting and fashion design.

Biography of Danna Paola

Danna Paola Rivera Munguía (Mexico City, June 23, 1995) has talent in her veins because her father, Juan José Rivera, was part of musical groups such as Los Caminantes and Grupo Ciclón.

Since she was little, Danna Paola knew that she wanted to be a singer. At her precarious six years of age, she released her debut album titled Mi Globo Azul.

Sometime later, she performed the song No es Cierto with the Argentine singer Noel Schajris. This one talks about a love loss that leads to nostalgia and the longing for everything to be the same again.

Danna Paola Net Worth

Besides being an actress and singer, Danna Paola is also a great fashion designer. In 2014, she launched Danna Paola, by SexyJns, her own clothing line. Danna Paola’s Net Worth is about 11 million dollars.

danna paola net worth

Danna Paola: talent made person

Danna began her acting career in Plaza Sésamo, one of the most acclaimed educational series by the Latin American public.

In 2000, the artist received a contract to participate in Rayito de Luz, a children’s soap opera in which she played the character of Lupita Lerma.

A year later, she was called to star in María Belén, a production that focuses on the story of a girl who suddenly lost her parents.

Danna Paola won an El Heraldo de México Award and a Bravo Award for her portrayal of María Belén in the homonymous novel.

Her next job would be in ¡ Vivan Los Niños! (2002), a telenovela that had a great reception in much of Latin America.

Danna made her theater debut with Regina: a musical for a nation that awakens (2003), in which she acted alongside the Mexican actress Lucero.

After participating in Regina: a musical for a nation that awakens, the actress showed her talent in Few, few fleas (2003), a children’s soap opera that shows us Danilo, a boy who faces life with a positive attitude.

In 2004, she starred in Amy, the girl with the blue backpack, where she played Amy Granados. During that year, she recorded her second studio album, Oceano, which includes songs like Caminos de Luz, Mi mama me va a punish, Azul como el cielo and Dame la Luna.

Danna also participated in Anita La Huerfanita, a play that earned her a Bravo Award and an Award from the Association of Theater Critics and Journalists.

In 2005, the artist worked on Contra viento y Marea, a drama that focuses on hate, revenge and desire. At the end of her participation in the telenovela, she published Chiquita pero picosa , her third studio album that contains hits such as Late mi corazón , Señor Reloj and Príncipe Azul .

Shortly after, Canta como Danna Paola (2005) was released, an album of tracks that includes her greatest hits. The work did not stop and that same year, she participated in Pablo y Andrea, a children’s series that earned her a TV and Novel Award.

Two years later, she acted in Muchachitas Como tú, where she played the character of Paola Velásquez. Her interpretation earned her another Tv y Novela award, positioning her as one of the most important young stars in Mexico.

In 2008, she made two telenovelas: Arráncame la vida and Querida Enemiga . The first earned her a nomination at the TV and Novel Awards.

Artistic maturity

Danna Paola made her transition from child to youth star with Dare to Dream (2009-2010), a series in which she gets into the skin of Patricia Peralta Castro.

In 2012 she published Danna Paola, her fourth record material. In it, you can enjoy singles like Everything was a show, Zero gravity. I can’t forget it and Labios de Cereza.

The artist returned to the theater with the adaptation of Wicked, a musical for which she received an award from the Association of Theater Critics and Journalists, as well as an Award from the International Theater Festival.

In 2015, Danna Paola participated in the telenovela Who is Who?, playing the character of Paloma Hernández, which led her to be nominated for a Tu Mundo Award.

In 2016, the actress made her film debut in The simplest thing is to complicate everything, a film that was shot in various Mexican locations such as Querétaro, Sayulita and Puerto Vallarta.

A year later, she returned to the stage to participate in Today I can’t get up, where she played the role of María. Shortly after, she moved to the city of Miami to act in José, José, a biographical novel about the so-called Prince of Song.

At the beginning of 2018, she moved to Spain to participate in one of the most acclaimed Spanish Netflix series in the world: Elite. In the production, she plays Lucrecia, the daughter of a Mexican diplomat in Spain, who is capricious and a very good student.

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