Five great advantages of an online booking system

Using an online booking system can simplify your business in many ways and enable greater efficiency when customers make bookings or send online payments. Bookings are also possible around the clock. Read on to discover five ways in which an online booking system could help your company to accept bookings.

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Marketing support

An online booking system can integrate with sophisticated marketing tools, such as email marketing tools, to create and send useful newsletters to customers. It can also be used to send other promotional material and keep your customers up to date, which helps to increase customer loyalty and boost regular bookings.

Calendar synchronisation

Booking systems can synchronise your bookings on your own calendars, such as Outlook, to keep track of bookings and automatically update your existing calendars. A sophisticated booking system can also be used to allocate different tasks to members of staff and organise events. This turns it into a management tool to help you keep on top of all your appointments and bookings.

Automated email and SMS

When dealing with bookings, it is useful to send customers reminders by email and SMS to reduce the number of missed appointments and help customers to remember their bookings. Sending reminders can increase customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. It is also possible to send automated emails requesting feedback or simply to thank the customer for attending. This is possible for all kinds of booking systems, including a school and theatre online booking system from a provider such as

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Payment provider selection

A good booking system can help you to choose a reliable payment provider that offers safety for the company’s money and also safeguards customers’ payments. It is often possible to select from PayPal and other payment specialists to deal with your customer payments securely. You can set up the booking system to offer different payment options and accept part payments, deposits or full payments.

Vouchers and promotions

Business booking software can also be integrated with voucher and daily deal websites to enable codes to be entered for discounts and promotions. This makes it easy to reward loyal customers with discount codes, which can boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With so many options for an online booking system, it is easy to see why they can be used to any company’s advantage.

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