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Holiday Gift Wrapping with Snowflakes

If you’re looking for a fun and unique way to wrap your gifts this season, look no further than the paper snowflake and some ribbon. Using our secret message snowflake tutorial, you can add a whole lot of meaning to your gifts this season and make something really beautiful. This holiday gift wrapping idea is a cute and original way to show your love and appreciation for friends and family. 

To use this idea, first select a word you’d like to use in your snowflake. You can use the name of the person, like I did here with my own name, or say something else. Use the secret message snowflake tutorial and cut out a beautiful snowflake fro your wrapping. You can flatten it out by putting a book on top of it for a few days. If your snowflake just won’t sit flat, you can tape it down too.

Using a box or a wrapped gift in solid colors, put your snowflake on top of the box. This wrapping works best with easily wrapped shapes, like cylinders and boxes. I used a regular box for this example but you can get creative and use any kind of package you’d like!

Gift Wrapping

Take your flattened snowflake and place it on top of the package and secure with some ribbon and your gift is set to give. You can include a note to explain the secret message in your snowflake or see if your friend figures it out on their own.

This is a great way to give something beautiful, even if you stink at making bows like I do.

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