Nine classic jeans and shirt combinations for every occasion

Jeans and shirts are staple items in every man’s wardrobe. Whether going on a date, dressing for casual Fridays at work,  heading to the pub with friends or perhaps heading on a Stag Party Bus Cheltenham way for a friends stag party, shirts and jeans are ideal. Matching the right jeans and shirt can be tricky, however, as there are so many options to consider. Here are nine top choices for jeans and shirt combinations. Your choice will depend very much on the type of event that you are going to be attending.

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1. White shirt and blue jeans

A classic white shirt always looks great worn with plain blue jeans. This is a strong smart/casual look that can travel anywhere.

2. Checked shirt and jeans

The checked shirt is a classic, with the lumberjack-style great for relaxed pub lunches. You can also wear a checked shirt for formal occasions if it is darker with smaller checks.

3. White shirt and black jeans

Teaming a white shirt with black jeans is more stylish than with blue jeans. The styling of white shirt that you opt for will depend very much on how you like your shirts to fit you and whether you look for something loose or form fitting.

4. Denim shirt and blue jeans

This double denim look can be tricky to pull off but can work brilliantly for a casual look. Pick a fitted shirt and wear it buttoned. This should be lightweight denim to give a clean, neat look.

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5. Denim shirt and black jeans

This is another double denim look, but less obvious than the blue combination. This makes it a little more formal and keeps a pleasing contrast in shades.

6. Navy shirt and black jeans

Navy shirts look best teamed with black jeans rather than dark denim jeans. Navy and black are super-stylish worn together.

7. Shirt and skinny jeans

Skinny jeans have a modern edge and are casual in appearance. A fitted shirt and jumper over skinnies can work well for a smart/casual look. Just be careful skinnies are not too tight, as they could be dangerous to your health.

8. Oxford shirt with jeans

An Oxford shirt is formal but can be toned down with colour and fit. Go for plain white or light colours and team it with a jacket and cap for a casual vibe.

9. Black shirt and grey jeans

Grey jeans are less common than blue and black; however, they can look great and are highly versatile, working well to lighten an outfit. You can team grey jeans with a black shirt for a stylish contrast.

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