Preparing Your Florida Waterfront Property for Hurricane Season

Preparing Your Florida Waterfront Property for Hurricane Season
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As hurricane season approaches, you may find yourself thinking more about your waterfront property and how to protect it from damage. Whether you own a home or business on the water, planning for storm season is an important task as a property owner. Here are a few ways to protect your investment from Mother Nature.


Seawalls are often the first line of defense for your waterfront property. By preventing storm surge and beach erosion, seawalls can drastically reduce damage to beachfront buildings. When hurricanes threaten, make sure that your marine structure is as sound as possible. If you have a preexisting seawall, having it professionally inspected by a Florida marine construction company before hurricane season can be a game-changer for preventing damage. If your property is not currently protected by a seawall, you may want to consider adding one as an extra layer of security.


Docks should also be inspected prior to hurricane season, or at least before the first storm approaches. Schedule any necessary repairs to prevent further damage. Anything that sits on the dock, like tables and chairs, should be brought indoors before storms arrive. If your dock has power and running water, be sure to shut both off ahead of time.


It is important to outfit your property with window protection. The most basic means of guarding windows against damage is to cover each window with plywood. More permanent and efficient means of window protection include hurricane shutters and hurricane windows. Compare the pros and cons of each option and make a plan to implement the one that will work best for you.

While planning for storm season is incredibly important, don’t let it stress you out. Taking small steps like those outlined above can help you avoid a major repair bill once the storm passes. 



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