What is Medical Indemnity Insurance?

Medical indemnity insurance is specially designed to give cover for medical expenses in instances of negligence throughout a wide range of different healthcare professions, from nurses, doctors and chiropractors to osteopaths. This form of medical insurance was introduced in the UK with the advent of the Health Care Reform Act. It differs from general cover as it gives compensation for both the patient and the medical professional who have been injured or ill.

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What is medical indemnity insurance? Medical indemnity insurance can help you avoid potentially large litigation costs brought against you. This form of legal cover also helps you fight off any claims brought against you by another party which could be financially devastating to your practice. There are two types of this insurance – one pays for actual medical costs only and the other pays you if you incur expenses that exceed the amount you are already paying. Find out about different types of insurance including Locum Insurance at a site like MPRS

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Medical malpractice is an area of the law where a professional negligence has caused personal injury to a patient. In these cases, a professional will be said to have been negligent when they breach the standards of care that they are required to follow. This means that in the UK, professional negligence claims must always be properly documented and must be sufficient to establish that the negligent professional is financially at-risk, and that they cannot reasonably defend against the claims.

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