3 Concealed Carry Tips For Women

Women have different challenges than men do when it comes to carrying a concealed weapon on their body. Women’s clothing is often tighter, and the pockets tend to be much shallower. Women always have the choice to attempt to find baggier clothing with larger pockets. However, there are different solutions available that allow women to wear their normal clothing while also concealing a firearm.

1. Use the Proper Holster

Different styles of clothing can require different concealed carry methods. Look into the available concealed carry options for women to get an idea of what would be ideal for daily use. As holsters evolve to be more comfortable and convenient to the wearers, it becomes easier to find one that is a good fit. Hip, bra, ankle and thigh holsters are just some of the options available to women who need to find a way to carry a firearm whether they are wearing jeans and a sweater or a dress and high heels.

2. Dress Appropriately

The options available to women in the form of different holster types have opened up many fashion choices. However, matching the holster to the outfit can still make a big difference in how effective the concealment is and how comfortable the holster and outfit combination is. If the holster and gun are bulky, it is probably not a good idea to wear them under a tight top, as the outline may be visible.

3. Carry the Right Gun

When it comes to comfortably carry a firearm, smaller can be better. The more compact and lightweight a gun is, the easier it is to conceal underneath clothing. Larger guns can generally be hidden using a good holster under a few layers of clothing is that is what is preferred.

Regardless of the fashion choices, holster style, and gun type, anyone who wants to carry a concealed weapon should make sure that they are following all applicable laws and regulations. Things change, so keep an eye out for any legislation that may affect current or future permit requirements.

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