An Overview of the Various Uses of Steel

Steel is an alloy composed of iron, usually with higher than average amount of carbon to increase its hardness and fracture resistance than other common metals. This property enables the use of steel in a large number of industries. In manufacturing, it is used for the frame of machines; for bending, welding and also to build bridges. In architecture, steel is used as an element in building column lines and columns; for roof trusses and beams; as well as reinforcement in concrete. It is also widely used as reinforcement in reinforced concrete for skyscrapers. Steel can be shaped using Bending Machines like the ones from Cotswold Machinery Sales which makes it the perfect metal for many different uses.

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Alloys of steel are durable, rust-resistant and strong. The properties of this metal allow the designers and manufacturers to utilise it in a huge number of applications. Some of the most common steels include; iron, carbon, manganese, steel, cobalt, zinc and chromium alloys. Alloys made from these metals are stronger than iron and nickel alloys, which are by far the strongest.

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The properties of each alloy enable it to differ in price depending on the different grades of steel used. High grade steel is harder and much more resistant than low grade steel. Steel alloys are usually mixed with other materials like aluminum, iron etc. to enhance its strength.

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