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9 Modern and beautiful houses to inspire your design

Today we bring you 9 beautiful houses that surprise you with their design that combines modern style with classic touches, creating homely but stylish homes.

Unique houses where the design was put at the service of its inhabitants, built to house families, running from the classic house even though its construction value equals these but exceeds in style and quality.

The modern and beautiful houses to inspire your design

1. A classic family homebeautiful houses

Although the design appears to be the typical house, if we observe it carefully, details such as the windows in the front of the extension of the gallery on an outdoor deck floor mark an original and unique facade ready to be enjoyed.

The interior of the house is also surprising since 230 square meters offer bedrooms, kitchen, large living room, attic, and garage, isn’t it great?

2. A spacious homebeautiful houses

This house has 127 square meters, enough space to highlight the design, an interior where the breadth is the star of the design that is increased thanks to the high ceilings and the windows that illuminate the interior of the house in a unique way.

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3. With a unique waybeautiful houses

In 153 square meters, a house was built that although its interior keeps the typical distribution: three bedrooms on the top floor and on the first level social spaces such as the kitchen, living room and study room. What stands out in its design is the exterior shape that gives rise to a gallery with a living room set aside and a connection between the house and the front garden that looks like a movie.

4. Energy efficiencybeautiful houses

This house is one of the largest, has 172 square meters and the originality of its design is an inefficient use of energy that although radically changes the way in which the facilities are used, the comfort and beauty of a typical Family home do not change.

5. Low and largebeautiful houses

This house has the particularity that although it does not have great height, its design maximizes the use of space, with kitchen, living room, dining room and four bedrooms where each one has a panoramic window.

The large windows on the ground floor overlook the garden with a swimming pool, an excellent way to ensure privacy and a great view.

6. Futuristic housebeautiful houses

In just 120 square meters a design visually expands the space while capturing all eyes with the large windows at the ends. The colors and materials used for the facade make this a futuristic and modern front.

7. Ecological and minimalist

This house has only 100 square meters, its construction in ecological materials makes it a sustainable house, while its minimalist design makes the interior an illuminated interior with excellent space optimization.

8. Modern and stylish

A house that clearly connects with the outside by the large number of windows that dress the facade of the house, two floors that are distinguished in a set of levels and materials. The jewel of this house is the balcony, a private space to enjoy the outside and overlooking the garden can turn any bedroom into a dream bedroom.

9. Spacious and elegant

There is no doubt that white is one of the most elegant colors that exist, in the case of exterior facades it gives an imposing and modern image. This facade, although large, is further expanded thanks to the design of the walls and the color used.

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