Blake Mycoskie net worth

Blake Mycoskie net worth, career, business, family and lifestyle

Blake Mycoskie is an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is best known as the founder of TOMS Shoes and a former Chief Shoe Giver at the company.

The net worth of Blake Mycoskie

The net worth of Blake Mycoskie is $300 million. Blake started his shoe business from his dorm room at Brown University. He used money from the sale of his car to fund a one-person store on the campus and soon after began selling shoes online as well. As sales grew, he decided to expand his distribution channels and opened stores in major cities across America. Today, TOMS sells products through its own website, third party retailers like Amazon and Nordstrom’s as well as other retailers such as Target, JCPenney and Kohl’s.

Blake Mycoskie net worth

How Blake Mycoskie started his career

Blake Mycoskie was born in 1975, and he is the co-founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS Shoes. He graduated from the University of South Carolina in 1999, where he studied business administration. Blake Mycoskie started TOMS Shoes in 2006 with an innovative idea to help people without shoes around the world by donating a pair for every one purchased by a customer.

Blake Mycoskie’s business ventures

Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS Shoes, an American manufacturer of shoes. He is also a major contributor to Argentina’s water bottle recycling program.

TOMS is an example of a for-profit social enterprise, which is a company that generates revenue by selling products or services but also has a social mission. In 2013, TOMS introduced the One for One business model: For every pair of its shoes or sunglasses purchased, it donates a new pair to someone in need.[1] As of October 2018, more than 50 million pairs have been donated since 2006.[2] The company also gives away eyeglasses and other health care products through its nonprofit arm, VisionWorks.(Source: Wikipedia)

Family and lifestyle

Blake Mycoskie has been married to Elizabeth Blodgett since 2004. They have three children together: Ryder (born 2005), Lily (born 2007) and Vivienne (born 2011).


Blake Mycoskie is a businessman who has made his net worth from the creation of a company called Toms. In addition to being a founder of this company, he also served as its CEO for many years before handing over the role in 2010. In November 2017, Blake Mycoskie announced that he would be stepping down as cofounder but will still remain an active member of the board.

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