Building individual properties using complete Timber Kit Construction methods.

Traditional craftsmen have for many thousands of years used timber to build beautiful wooden homes that last for many generations of families to enjoy living in.  These methods can still be incorporated into more modern ways of constructing homes and experienced Timber Frame Manufacturers are in huge demand to supply tradesmen and women of today with complete Timber Kits to build their own homes. Sustainable and easy to carve into different shapes, Timber is the ideal medium in which to construct individual properties. Wood is a naturally sourced product and because of its durability and lightweight can easily be transformed into complete frames for specifically designed homes.

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Able to tolerate various weather conditions, timber is naturally strong and can withstand strong winds, heavy rain and even natural disasters.  The four main benefits of using wood are that it is strong, light and versatile and the only material used for construction that is 100% renewable. Environmentally friendly and sustainable, wooden properties are now more popular than ever with builders and Homeowners.

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Choosing wood for complex and intricate structures has grown massively in popularity in the 21st Century which has now become known as “The Timber Age”.  Cheaper and quicker to use in all types of building projects wood can be handled easily and transported all over the country because of its lightweight.  Storing Carbons and not emitting dangerous gases into the environment ensures a low footprint for every new timber build.



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