Why you should extend in Oak

Oak is an excellent choice for timber frames if you are thinking about extending your house. Oak is popular in new-build properties as well as for people looking to extend an existing property. Oak is a great choice for many reasons.

Styles that are versatile

Oak frames are very appealing because of their versatility in style. Oak can be adapted in a number of styles, whether you want a Tudor look extension, rustic barn style, or a sunroom. Oak frame construction kits are ideal for renovation or extension projects, and suit a variety of different property types. When you need advice from Timber Merchants Salisbury, visit Timbco, a leading firm of Timber Merchants Salisbury.

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Oak is a beautiful material with a unique texture and appearance. It instantly adds character to any property.

Quick Construction

Construction times are reduced when using an oak frame. Oak frames can be built off-site, and are delivered ready for installation.

Strong Structurally

Oak is a durable material that can be used for decorative and interesting architectural features, such as vaulted or gable-end ceilings. Oak is also a good choice for this.

Oak Frame Extensions: Designing Your Own

A company that specialises in oak frames will likely offer a design service. They may also have experience with timber frame extensions. This type of professional company will be familiar with the potential, challenges and details involved in building using this type of construction system. All of this will be done during the design phase to avoid having to redo a design later to include oak elements. Consider the effect on your existing home and the details of the connection.

To blend an oak-framed extension into the rest of your home, you can incorporate more oak elements in the main house. Installing an oak porch is one way to achieve this and one that is relatively cost-effective and straightforward to achieve.

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Planning permission regulations are required for any extension. Planning permission is not required for some extensions if they are classified as ‘permitted developments’. No matter what style or design of extension you choose, it is always worth checking before starting work. Other properties may require approval but not all.

Most oak frame suppliers require homeowners to commission a builder first to finish the foundation work. The frame can be assembled on site after it is delivered.

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