Should you insulate the pipes in your home?

We all know that insulating outside pipes can be important, but have you ever considered the benefits of insulating the pipes inside your home? While indoor pipework may not be exposed to the elements, nevertheless there are significant benefits to be gained from doing so. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of insulating pipes in your home.

Saves Energy

Insulating pipes and copper pipe connectors inside your home saves energy by keeping the heat in the water as it travels through them. Without insulation, hot water can lose heat as it moves from the boiler to the taps or radiators, which means that your boiler has to work harder to keep the water hot. By using insulation, your boiler doesn’t have to use as much energy to keep the water at the right temperature, helping to lower your energy bills and making your home more energy-efficient.

Prevents Freezing

While exterior pipework can be vulnerable to freezing in cold conditions, so can pipes that sit in chilly attic spaces or cellars. Pipe insulation acts like a warm jacket, making sure the water inside it doesn’t freeze.

Frozen water in pipes can cause them to expand and break, which results in leaks and water damage. It can also affect copper pipe connectors, so insulation is important for the connecting parts too.

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Controls Condensation

According to Home Building and Renovating, when warm air meets a cold surface, condensation occurs. This can often be seen on exposed copper pipes and copper pipe connectors. In homes, condensation is a common source of dampness and creates a host of problems such as water damage, as well as contributing to mould growth which can be harmful to health.

Looking after the pipes in your home is essential to preventing the many problems that can come from water damage, be it from a burst pipe or condensation. Taking the simple preventative measure of using insulation will not only benefit your home and save you money on your energy bills but will also give you the peace of mind that your home is protected.

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