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Top 10 education tips that look bad but are good

What an incomparable pleasure to be a parent. This feeling of accomplishment, this desire to give life to a human being and make it a person full of virtues. For all that, you have to know how to educate your puppy. So being childless against all odds, I’m not going to give education lessons, but know that some tricks that we think no one proves to be very good advice for training your child.

1. Exposing children to a priori allergenic productseducation tips

Some parents completely deprive their children of all products likely to make them allergic such as peanuts, eggs, hazelnuts, milk. The problem is that by depriving them of these foods, they can instead be ultra-sensitive when tasting them later. So let them taste everything from a very young age (except honey which contains a bacterium dangerous for children under one-year-old), it will mitigate them.

2. Do not over-react when a child falls or gets scratched

Unless of course if your child has fallen out of the eighth-floor window and his thighbone comes out by his ear, OK, he has the right to whine and ask for a big kiss. Otherwise, it’s good not to make him think he’s on the brink of death when the guy just snapped on his bed like old shit.

3. Let them knowingly let them make their own mistakes

We always tend to want to tell them what to do, to give them the best choice, but we must leave a little room for the errors that are part of learning to live. Does your son want to kill a classmate with an ax? Never mind! Is your daughter hot potato to get into prostitution?

4. Encourage them to work

education tips
Girl studying at school looking very happy

Many parents refuse at all costs that their children do not start working in student jobs. It starts with a good feeling, of course, nobody wants to send their offspring to prostitute themselves in the jobs of hostesses or waiters exploited. And yet, rotten tafs experiences are major, they empower from an early age and are always useful even if it is rotten and zero.

5. Pretend to be ultra interested in their stories of children under ten

Yeah, I know for sure. When little Mathis tells you about his daily life in the fourth section, you don’t necessarily want to pay attention. But on the one hand, it’s not worse than your own stories that you tell at the coffee machine, on the other hand, if you are not interested in the life of the brat he will get into the habit of no longer confide in you at all, that’s where the rub is.

6. Do not immediately replace an object they have broken or lost

Have you lost your phone? Don’t worry darling, I’ll buy you one right away. Have you farted your stereo? My god, I take another immediately, you can not live without it. Woe to you if you do this. It is important to make the wolves understand that everything is not replaceable in the minute history to sensitize them very very very slightly to anti-consumerism.

7. Make noise when they sleep

While some well-intentioned parents would be tempted to put her on the back burner as soon as their baby is immersed in the arms of Morpheus, well, the opposite should be done. OK, we don’t have to yell like pigs on death metal one weekday evening, but making noise while a baby is sleeping is the best way to teach him to fall asleep easily.

8. Do not force them to finish their plate if they are no longer hungry

For understandable reasons we always want the youngest to finish his soup, “because the little Somalis, they don’t have that to eat!” ” Beyond learning the taste that it is necessary to forge by forcing a little discovery of different foods, if a child is no longer hungry, it should not be forced to finish its plate. Unless he is no longer hungry but wants to eat a rib of beef afterward. There it may simply be that your child is making fun of your face.

9. Accept being wrong when their arguments are right

Another blow for you as an adult in front of a child or a right teenager. And it’s very easy to have as an only argument the fact that we are adults and that we are necessarily right. When the arguments are valid, you have to accept being wrong, that’s all. So shut up.

10. Don’t ban them from candyeducation tips

Be careful, I did not say that you should stuff them with gelatin, burgers, coke and a whole bunch of filth. If we can limit the damage to the max, it’s great. However, it has been observed that children radically deprived of junk food only ate more of it as adults. The best way to educate them at this level is to grant access while explaining that it is not essential.

Now you can apply all of these tips and come back to see me in 15 years if your child has become a dangerous sociopath.

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