Everything You Need To Know About Queensland Health Conference, 2022

With the hopes of celebrating the development of digital healthcare services, International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) is hosting a two-day conference at Brisbane Showgrounds to discuss the improvement and scope of healthcare technology and innovation. On 28th and 29th June 2022, as part of the 3rd Queensland Healthcare Week, the Queensland health conference will aim to merge inter-disciplinary health services and discuss standardised developments in the healthcare sector regarding innovation, design, and health.

Queensland’s healthcare system is constantly evolving and improving and walking towards a future where healthcare is accessible, affordable, sustainable, balanced, and focuses on the patients’ well-being and care. With this in mind, the conference will find new skills, strategies, and techniques to strengthen healthcare management.

What Will You Learn at the Conference?

Spanning across two days, the conference will focus on agendas such as the problems in the healthcare system and strive towards coming up with productive solutions. Eminent speakers, professionals, and leaders of the healthcare sector will conduct four conferences and have over 16 hours of open discussion about the health ecosystem. With 500 attendees under one roof, you will meet new people working towards the same goal as you, but perhaps, with a slightly different approach. This conference is the perfect way to build your network wherein you can share your vision and open your mind to new and different ideas.

The conference will aim at discussing five main topics through interactive, informative and enjoyable seminars and sessions on both days:

  • Health Facilities Design and Development Summit: This summit will focus on new models, infrastructures, and funding for the healthcare sector.
  • Digital Healthcare Summit: The focus of this summit will be on bringing accessibility and cyber hygiene to the patients.
  • Aged Care Summit: This summit will discuss housing and patient-focused technology regarding aged care.
  • Patient Experience, Safety and Quality Summit: Making healthcare more engaging and empowering for the patients will be the topic of discussion at this summit.
  • Nursing and Midwifery Summit: The main focus of this summit will be the position of nursing and midwives post-pandemic and their scope and training.

Meet the Speakers

At the Queensland Health Conference, you will listen to key speakers from all around the globe offer their expertise and knowledge in the healthcare sector. The speakers are from various healthcare backgrounds, such as healthcare design, digital healthcare, nursing, and patient care and have years of experience. They will hold interactive discussions, putting forth their points and opening the stage to other attendees to share their ideas.

Some of the key speakers are:

Health Facilities Design and Development

  • Carol Readman
  • Steve Williamson
  • Eleri Carrahar
  • Keola Westcott
  • Jane Hancock
  • Troy Kenny
  • Ingrid Adamson
  • Michael Campbell
  • Jonathan Hirst
  • Emma Hart 

Digital Healthcare

  • Tam Nguyen
  • Linda Cuskelly
  • Cathy LaRiviere
  • Damian Green
  • Kieran Le Plastrier
  • Magid Fahim
  • Pieter Nal
  • Sandip Kumar
  • David Hansen
  • Adrian Clutterbuck 

Aged Care

  • Melissa Argent
  • Shyla Mills
  • Julianne Parkinson
  • Linda Patat
  • Danielle Mackenzie
  • Cherylee Treolar
  • Jeffrey Soar
  • Nick Hansen
  • Dr Nicola Morgan
  • Andrea Petriwskyj 

Patient Experience, Safety and Quality

  • Frank Tracey
  • Deepak Doshi
  • Christine Petrie
  • Anja Christoffersen
  • Satyan Chari
  • Joan Carlini
  • Jodie Nixon
  • Jessica Cheers
  • Dr Debra Tennett
  • Dr Adrienne Young 

Nursing and Midwifery

  • Suzanne Volejnikova-Wenger
  • Kate Veach
  • Veronica Casey
  • Maree Ruge
  • A/Prof Claire Sullivan
  • Sonia Martin
  • Dr Anita Bamford-Wade
  • Beylnda Abbot
  • Shannon Wallis
  • Karen Day

Wrapping Up

The Queensland Healthcare Conference is an opportunity to highlight the healthcare department’s issues. It will hold discussions and suggest fruitful and productive solutions to combat those problems.

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